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Betley Local History Society

From 1977-1980, a Betley local history group arose, inspired by a Keele University extra-mural local history class held in the village by Robert Speake. This group of local people carried out research leading to the publication of a book on the history of the village, entitled Betley: A Village of Contrasts, ed. Robert Speake, University of Keele Department of Adult Education, 1980, 225 pp. In 1997 the group was revived at the instigation of one of the original members, Lelsie Bradshaw (1921-1999), who became the first chairman of the new Betley Local History Society. A popular local man, Les was proud to have lived in the village all his life. He was a churchwarden and chorister of St. Margaret's Church for over fifty years. Les's memory is commemorated by an annual Les Bradshaw Memorial meeting in June or July each year.

The aims of BLHS and details of its activities and research can be seen on the Society's website. Below are just some examples of BLHS publications and activities.

A history of Betley

by a local history research group, edited by Robert Speake,
University of Keele Department of Adult Education, 1980.

Betley, a village of contrasts

Lest we forget

a study of the lives of Betley men lost in two world wars

Lest we forget

The new war memorial window in St. Margaret's Church, Betley

Thanks to the efforts of Betley Local History Society, it includes names previously omitted.

Betley War Memorial

The Tollet Family of Betley Hall

Les Bradshaw memorial lecture by Mavis Smith, 28th July 2005.

The Tollet Family of Betley Hall

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