Sources for Betley history

Betley St. Margaret's Parish Registers

St Margaret's, Betley

Volume III, Part 1 (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1737-1754)

Register of Betley Parish. Vol. III.


[Vol. III. is composed of parchment with one or two paper pages bound into the cover and is stoutly bound in vellum. The pages are 15 inches by 9 inches]

Folio I.

BAPTIZD (sic) in the year 1737.

1737, Jan. 6. Mary Frances, d. of Thos. & Elizab. Podmore.
Jan. 8. Richard, s. of Hugh & Elizab. Whitaker. of Wibunbury.
Feb. 11. John, s. of Thos. & Mary Hall.
Feb. 19. Mary, d. of Rich. & Ann Almond.
Mar. 5. John, s. of Sam. & Ruth. Baddeley.
Mar. 12. Charles, s. of John & Dorothy Hand.
—— 24. Robert, s. of Ottiwell & Mary Timmis.
BAPTIZD in the year 1738.
1738, Apr. 30. Maria, d. of John & Grace Rogors (sic).
May 21. Martha, d. of Joseph & Mary Robinson.
May 22. John, s. of Constance Harding.
June 4. Mary, d. of Thos. & Sarah Hassall.
June 9. Nanny, d. of Jonathan & Ann Unwin.
July 30. Mary & Ann, ds. of James & Mary Dain.
Oct. 1. Samuel, s. of Thos. & Martha Carter.
Next after Visitation.
Oct. 8. Ann, d. of Robt. & Lidia Ridgway.
Nov. 22. Sarah, d. of Jacob & Sarah Allecock, of Audley parish.
Oct. 29. Samuel, s. of Georg. & Elizab. Salt.
Nov. 1. Frances, d. of Hugh & Hannah Wilkinson.
Nov. 5. Mary, d. of John & Ellen Jackson, anno supra scripto.
Nov. 18. Samuel, s. of Morris & Mary Smith (same year as above).
Nov. 25. Jane, d. of Sam. & Jane Trevis.
1739, Jan. 2. Georg., s. of James Naylor & wife.
,, Jan. 2. Georg., s. of Moses Turner & Mary, his wife.
Jan. 5. Randle, s. of John & Mary Robingson.
Jan. — Ellen, d. of John Hancock & wife ————.
Jan. 14. Sarah, d. of Georg. Hildich & Mary, his wife.
Feb. 25. Wm., s. of John Swinnerton & Mary, his wife.
Feb. 25. Wm., s. of Moses Fletcher & Ann, his v/ife.
Mar. 2. Margaret, d. of John Turner & his wife.
Mar. 29. Jane, d. of Edw. Heath & his wife.
Mar. — Ralph, s. of Ralph & Mary Noden.
Apr. 9. Thos., s. of Thos. & Amy Taylor.
May 5. Margery, d. of John Massey & wife.
May 11. John, s. of John Treavor & wife.
,, May 27. Daniel, s. of Daniel & Elizab. Johnson.
June 17. Richard, s. of Wm. Erdwin & Alice, his wife.
July — Ann, d. of Thos. & Margaret Fairbeck.
Aug. 26. Ann, d. of Randle & [El]len Mercy.
—— — Rich., s. of Rich. & Ann Johnson.
Sept. 27. Andrew, s. of Andrew Bate & his wife.
—— — James, s. of James Grougett & wife.
[This page is much rubbed.]
Folio la.


1737, Jan. 9. Thomas, s. of Sarah May, with affidavit.
Jan. 15. Elizab., wife of Charles Vyse, with affidavit.
Feb. 28. Edward Nock, with affidavit.
Mar. 27. John, s. of Samuel Cheney, with affidavit.
1738, Mar. 30. Mary (Mrs.) Salt, widow, with affidavit.
Mar. 31. Bryan, s. of John Sneyd, with affidavit.
Apr. 3. Joseph, s. of Joseph Keen, with affidavit.
Aug. 6. Ann, d. of James Dain, with affidavit.
Aug. 18. Dorothy, w. of Joseph Tomkinson, with affidavit.
Aug. 4. George Gray.
next after the Bishop’s triennial visitation.
Nov. 9. Joseph Hancock, with affidavit.
Nov. 11. Thos. Brittain, with affidavit.
Nov. 22. Jane Timmis, w. of Sam. Timmis, with affidavit.
Nov. 26. Mrs. Mainwaring, widow, w. affidavit.
—— — Mary, d. of Robt. Ridgway, w. affidavit.
1739, Mar. 20. John, s. of Thos. & Martha Carter.
,, Apr. 8. Barbara Baywal, w. affidavit.
Apr. 30. Mary Aldersey, w. affidavit.
May 11. Samuel, s. of Thos. Carter, w. affidavit.
—— — Elizab., w. of John Podmore, w. affidavit.
Dec. 6. Margaret, w. of James Willcock, w. affidavit.
Dec. 6. Jane Bate, widow, w. affidavit.
Dec. 19. Thos. Aldershaw, w. affidavit.
—— — Peter Moss, w. affidavit.
1740, Mar. 30. Matthew Sarceway.
June 25. Richard Bate.
Aug. 7. Ellen Crockett.
Nov. 11. Thos. Corne.
Jan. 1. Martha, d. of John & Ellen Jackson.
1738, June 10. Joseph Hildich, of this parish, & Mary Felidge, of Wibunbury, by license.
—— — Thos. Trevis & Sarah Hancock.
—— — ———— Glover & Margaret Latham, of Mucklestone, by license.
Certified by

———— HANCOCK, minister.
SOLOMON GIBBONS, Churchwardens.

Folio 2.

1739, July 28. Rich. Tomkinson & Mary Hodgkinson.
Oct. 22. Ralph Sylvester & Jane Frith.
Jan. 30. Peter Graogott & Sarah Boden.
1739, Nov. 11. Mary, d. of Thos. & Mary Hull.
Nov. 22. John, s. of Thos. & Ann Embre.
Nov. 23. Thos., s. of Andrew & Elizab. Onwyn.
Dec. 25. Ermine, d. of Hugh & Elizab. Whiteticas (sic).
Jan. 20. Mary, d. of John & Katherine Gibbons.
Mar. 9. Georg., s. of Thos. & Sarah Hassel.
Mar. 23. Crispin, s. of John & Mary Dutton.
1740, Apr. 5. Martha, d. of Jacob & Sarah Allcock.
May 7. Ann, d. of Sarah Fardoe.
May 18. Thos., s. of Margaret Corne.
June 15. Thos., s. of Thos. & Margaret Butler.
Aug. 11. John, s. of Morris & Mary Smith.
Aug. 24. Anthony, s. of Anth. & Ann Ward.
Sept. 21. Ellen, d. of Thos. & Margaret Tittensor.
Nov. 13. Elizab., d.of Robt. & Lydia Ridgway.
Nov. 16. John, s. of Georg. & Elizab. Salt.
Dec. 7. Catherine, d. of John & Mary Locket.
Dec. 28. Martha, d. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Jan. 4. Thos., s. of John Locket, junr.
Jan. 17. Mary, d. of Hugh & Hannah Willingson.
Feb. 21. Hannah, d. of Joseph & Mary Hildich.
Feb. 22. Watkin, s. of Oumphrey & Hannah Williams.
Feb. 22. Elizab., d. of James & Susannah Naylor.
Mar. 8. Wm., s. of Thos, & Margaret Smith.
Folio 2a.


1740, Mar. 26. Ann, d. of Sarah Pardoe, aff.
Mar. 31. Mary, d. of Hugh & Hannah Willingson, aff.
Mar. 12. Hugh Corne, aff.
1741, May 7. Ann Brittain, widow.
May 25. Richard Dutton.
May 21. Lydia, d. of Wm. Robinson.
June 10. Katherine Dod.
Next after the Bishop’s triennial visitation.
Nov. 29. Mary, w. of Andrew Bate.
Dec. 24. John Dain.
Jan. 4. Elizab., d. of Hugh Wilkinson.
1741/2, Feb. 21. Sarah, d. of Joseph & Mary Hilditch.
1742, Mar. 25. Mary Wylde.
Apr. 14. Martha Salt.
Apr. 28. Samuel Cheney.
Aug. 1. Elizab., d, of John Gibbons.
Sept. 2. Ann Eardley, widow.
Sept. 16. Farmer Jackson.
Oct. 9. Georg. Meaken, parish of Audley.
Nov. l. Jane, w. of Thos. Birtshall.
Nov. 7. Hannah, w. of Hugh Wilkinson.
Nov. 14. Hannah, d. of Thos. Trevis,
Nov. 18. Mary, w. of John Leighton.
Nov. 18. James, s. of Hugh Wilkinson.
Nov. 28. Hannah Sax, widow.
Jan. 1. Ann, d. of Thos. Farbeck.
Jan. 24. Wm. Shaw.
Jan. 25. John Dale.
Feb. 13. Richard Almor.
1743, Apr. 29. Martha Massey.
May 2. Hannah Trevis, widow & pauper.
May 4. Martha, d. of John Massey.
1740, Sept. 17. Samuel Naylor & Martha Waters, both of Betley.
1741, Aug. 28. Mr. Robert Clues & Dorothy Daniels.
Dec. 28. Samuel Brittain & Elizab. George.
Dec. 26. John Bate & Martha Shufflebotham.
1742, Mar. 27. Ralph Traffock & Carlotta Lawton,
May 9. Daniel Tilstock & Sarah Meeben.
June 27. Samuel Sadlow & Mary Latham.
Folio 3.


1740/1, Mar. 22. Ralph, s. of James & Margaret Harrison.
Mar. 31. Thos., s. of Joseph & Alice Hays.
Apr. l. Betty, d. of Moses & Dorothy Turner.
Apr. 5. Thos., s. of Andrew & Mary Bate.
Apr. 12. Thos., s. of John Webb & Martha, his wife.
Apr. 19. Ann, d. of John & Mary Rowley.
Apr. 26. Ann, d. of Thos. & Ruth Taylor.
May 3. Jane, d. of James & Mary Dain.
June 24. Dorothy, d. of Thos. & Margaret Farbeck.
July 12. Paul, s. of John Timmis & Jane, his wife.
July 19. Elizab., d. of Samuel & Martha Nailor.
Aug. 9. Wm., s. of John & Ann Robinson.
Aug. 23. Elizab.,.d. of Edward & Elizab. Heath.
Aug. 30. Elizab., d. of Wm. Smith, of Bowseywood.
The Bishop’s triennial visitation was 7 Sept.
Sept. 20. Elizab., d. of Thos. & Amy Taylor.
Sept. 27. John, s. of Rich. & Mary Tomkinson.
Sept. 29. Katherine, d, of John Massey, miller, & Martha, his wife.
Oct. 4. Issabella, d. of Daniel Smith.
Oct. 18. Jane, d. of Thos. Birtshall & Jane, his wife.
Dec. 13. Ellen, d. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Jan. 3. Elizab., d. of Hugh Wilkinson.
Jan. 17. Peter, s. of Wm. & Hannah Brownsword.
Feb. 21. John, s. of Jonathan & Margaret Roden.
Mar. 22. Wm., s. of Wm. & Mary Low, of the parish of Audley.
Mar. 24. John, s. of John & Hannah Hancock.
1742, Apr. 11. Elizab., d. of Wm. & Mary Cooper.
Apr. 25. Jonathan, s. of John & Dorothy Hand.
1742, May 9. Samuel, s. of John & Hannah Gater.
May 11. John, s. of Wm. & Elizab. Watkiss.
June 13. Wm., s. of Wm. Brittain, Nailor, & Alice, his wife.
Renwell, s. of Wm. Steel, of Cooke gate, parish of Audley.
June 24. Elizab., d. of Wm. Merrill.
Aug. 15. John, s. of Daniel & Sarah Tilstock.
Sept. 5. Morris, s. of Morris & Mary Smith.
Sept. 26. Matthew, s. of George Salt.
Sept. 25. Thos., s. of Sarah Prince, of the parish of Audley.
Oct. 17. John, s. of James & Elizab. Wheelock.
Oct. 24. Amy, d. of Randle Major.
Jan. 9. Mary, d. of James Naylor.
Jan. 23. John Humphrey & Hannah Williams.
„  Jan. 30. John, s. of Wm. Smith.
Feb. 6. Thos., s. of Richard Pursell.
Feb. 17. Wm., s. of Richard Almond.
Folio 3a.


1742, Nov. 25. Mr. Wicksteed & Mrs. Sevill.
—— — Richard (?) Low & Elizab. Hodgkinson.
Feb. 12. Georg. Davison & Elizab. Meakin.
Feb. 26. John Thursfield & Mary Malpass.
1743, Apr. 2. Wm. Dutton & Elizab. Mutchell.
June 11. Richard Beech & Abigail Berington.
July 14. Mr. James Meaken & Allice Turner.
Aug. 21. Edward Lawrence, of the parish of Wem, & Hannah Bagaley, of Betley.
Sept. 10. James Whittaker & Sarah Woodnorth.
Oct. 5. Andrew Bate & Hannah Lowe.
Oct. 21. Charles Vyse & Mrs. Right.
Dec. 28. Wm. Heawood & Susannah Lewis.
1744, Apr. 11. Randle Hancock & Mary Aston.
Next after the Bishop’s triennial visitation.
Dec. 24. Richard Sylvester & Mary Noden.
Oct. 23. John Short & Sarah Lowe.
1744, Dec. 29. Wm. Bedson & Mary Dain.
1745. Jan. 26. Thos. Gibbons & Ursula Corne.
,, Feb. 2. John Corn & Ann Hamilton.
1746. July 27. Charles Trevis & Ann Johnson.
Dec. 25. Samuel Hawkins & Sarah Neuton.
Dec. 30. Richard Smith & Elizab. Leighton.
1747. July 18. James Major & Elizab. Morrey.
Sept. 9. Mr. John Lovatt & Margaret Salt.
Dec. 10. John Malpass & Mary Nock.
1748. Apr. 16. Mr. John Fenton & Mrs. Anastasia Cradock.
June 5. Matth. Lowe & Elizab. Lowe.
Oct. 22. Ralph Henshall, & Sarah Birkes, of the parish of Audley.
Folio 4.


1742, Feb. 23. Jane, d. of Daniel Smith.
Mar. 18. Elizab., d. of Samuel Brittain.
Mar. 20. Elizab., d. of Thos. Taylor.
1743, Apr. 17. Thos., s. of Thos. & Sarah Hassell,
,, May 15. Rich., s. of John Alman.
May 24. Sarah, d. of Wm. & Mary Lowe.
June 19. Sarah, d. of John Thursfield.
June 24. Wm., s. of Samuel & Sarah Dain, of Audley.
Aug. 14. Mary, d. of Thos. Adams.
Oct. 2. Mary Anne, d. of Moses & Dorothy Turner.
Oct. 30. Joseph, s. of John & Jane Timmis.
Dec. 20. Sarah & Martha, twin d. of John Leighton.
Jan. 2. Joseph, s. of John Robinson.
Jan. 12. John, s. of Joseph Hilditch.
Jan. 29. Elizab., d. of Wm. Brownsword.
Feb. 19. Richard, s. of Edw. Heath.
Feb. 20. Elizab., d. of John Gibbons.
Mar. 7. John, s. of Mary Birken.
Mar. 9. Mary, d. of Samuel Nailor.
1744, Mar. 27. Margaret, d. of Wm. Berks.
Apr. l. Mary, d. of John Roberts.
Apr. 22. Wm., s. of Peter Grocott.
1744, Apr. 22. Hannah, d. of John Gater.
Apr. 29. Mary, d. of Thos. Taylor.
June 29. Sarah, d. of Thos. Henbury.
July 3. Mary, d. of Mr. James Meakin.
July 8. John, s. of James Dain.
July 25. Ann, d. of Daniel Smith.
July 25. James, s. of James Whittaker.
Bishop’s triennial visitation. .
Sept. 29. Martha, d. of John Shaw.
Oct. 14. James, s. of James Nailor.
Nov. 4. Ann, d. of John Jackson.
Nov. 11. Nanny, d. of John Hand.
Nov. 11. James, s. of James Wheelock.
Nov. 25. John, s. of Wm. Fox.
Nov. 25. Mary, d. of Sarah Hassles.
Dec. 20. George, s. of David Tilstock.
THOS. ADAMS, Churchwardens.

Folio 4a.


1743, May 8. Sarah, w. of Randle Hancock.
May 30. Moses Fletcher, pauper.
May 31. Samuel Cheney.
July 9. Ann, w. of Wm. Heawood.
July 12. Elizab., d. of Henry Davise.
Nov. 30. Elizab., d. of Wm. Brittain.
Dec. 31. Sarah & Martha, ds. of John Leighton.
Jan. 13. Margaret, d. of John Heath.
Jan. 20. Wm. Heawood.
Feb. 16. Robt. Pritchett.
(sic), Feb. 29. Joseph Turner.
1744, Apr. 14. Wm. Alders.
Apr. 28. Andrew Bate.
July 25. Edw., s. of Edw. Heath.
Aug. 19. Mary, d. of Samuel Nailor.
Aug. 25. Ann, w. of Ralph Corne.
Bishop’s visitation.
1744, Sept. 30. Frances, d. of Thos. Farbeck.
Oct. 23. James, s. of James Harison.
Nov. 4. The Reverend Charles Hunter, dyed Nov. I, & was buried at Audley.
Nov. 7. Ann, d. of Daniel Smith.
Dec. 16. Richard & Ellen, s. & d. of Thomas Bayley.
Jan. 28. Matth. Boulton.
Feb. 14. Hannah Boot.
Feb. 28. Ann Emery.
Mar. 10. Hannah Cheney, pauper.
Mar. 11. Rich. Heath, s. of Edw. Heath.
Mar. 17. Mary, w. of John Lokket.
1745, Apr. 28. Joseph Brittan, pauper.
May 21. Robt., s. of Robt. Ridgway.
July 25. Sarah, w. of Wm. Malpas.
Aug. 4. Elizab., d. of Wm. Robinson.
Aug. 5. Catherine Unwin, pauper.
Aug. 6. Mary Nevill, b. at Broughton.
Folio 5.


1744, Jan. 6. Thomas, s. of Morris Smith.
Jan. 20. Wm., s. of Jacob AIlecock.
Feb. 10. John, s. of Wm. Yates.
Mar. 16. Ann, d. of Wm. Smith & Margaret, his wife.
1745, Mar. 31. Joseph, s. of John Hancock.
Apr. 25. John, s. of Thos. & Mary Stubbs.
May 12. Mary, d. of Thos. Taylor.
May 12. Sarah, d. of Humphrey Williams.
June 23. Jane, d. of Wm. Low.
July 2. Jane, d. of John Timmis.
[Here is a line erased.]
Sept. 11. James, s. of James & Elizab. Corne.
Oct. 2. Elizab., d. of John Leighton.
Nov. 1. Ann, d. of Rich. Almon.
Nov. 15. Thos., s. of Sam. Brittain.
Nov. 17. Sarah, d. of Thos. Bill.
Nov. 24. Dolly, d. of Thos. Adams.
Dec. l. Thos., s. of John Whitemore.
1745, Dec. 1. Sam., s. of Sam. Nealer.
Dec. 8. Joseph, s. of Thos. Smith.
Dec. 15. Mary, d. of Rich. Sylvester.
Dec. 29. Ann, d. of Joseph Steel, of Buddely, in the parish of Barthomley.
Jan. 1. Elizab., d. of Wm. Steel, of the parish of Audley.
Jan. 19. Elizab., d. of James Whittaker.
Feb. 2. Thos., s. of Georg. Beverton.
Feb. 12. Sarah, d. of James Nealer.
Feb. 16. Margaret, d. of Edw. Heath.
Mar. 23. Ellen, d. of Thos. Bayley.
Mar. 23. Ursula, d. of Rich. Tomkinson.
1746, Mar. 31. Sarah, d. of John Jackson.
May 4. James, s. of John Gater.
May 25. Amy, d. of Thos. Taylor.
Aug. 5. John, s. of Charles Prince.
Aug. 24. Thos., s. of Thos. Stubbs, of Doddlespool, in the parish of Barthomley.
Folio 5a.


1745, Nov. 19. Elizab., wife of Saml. Brittain.
Nov. 25. Ellen Dod, widow.
Nov. 26. John Rowley.
Dec. 8. Ann Robinson.
Dec. 22. Ann, d. of Robert Ridgway.
Dec. 27. Wm., s. of Rich. Almon.
Jan. 13. John, s. of Wm. Fox.
Jan. 17. Rich., s. of Ralph Sylvester.
Jan. 19. Rich., s. of Rich. Almon.
Jan. 19. Mary, d. of Edw. Read.
Feb. 6. Ann, d. of John Hand.
Feb. 14. Daniel, s. of Moses Turner.
Feb. 19. Lydia Humphrey.
1746, Mar. 25. Elizab., d. of Daniel Johnson.
Mar. 27. Jane, w. of John Timmis.
May 8. Katharine, d. of John Lockett.
Aug. 5. Margaret, w. of Wm. Brittain.
1746, Oct. 4. James, s. of Joseph Keen.
Dec. 14. Sarah, d. of James Nailor.
Dec. 24. Jane, d. of John Heath.
Dec. 28. Wm. Brittain.
Mar. l. Thos., s. of Thos. Waters.
Mar. 14. Joan Smith.
1747, Apr. 4. Thos. Taylor.
June 3. Thos. Wagstaff.
June 8. Madam Cook.
July 19. Lcttice, w. of John Keen.
Sept. 17. Thos. Hart, an Irishman.
Nov. 6. Hannah, d. of Georg. Bruerton.
Nov. 28. Joan Arnett.
Dec. 28. Edmund Meaken
Jan. 26. Ann, d. of John Major.
Feb. 17. Rich., s. of Rich. Almon.
Mar. 21, Sampson, s. of Sampson Eswigg.
Mar. 22. Daniel Smith.
Folio 6.


1746, Sept. 14. John, s. of David Lowe.
Sept. 21. Margaret, d. of James Harrington & Jemima, his wife.
Sept. 28. Barbara, d. of John Bagnall.
Sept. 28. James, s. of Joseph Keen.
Oct. 26 Rich., s. of Charles Treviss.
Nov. 5. Rhoda, d. of Thos. Marchant, a stranger, born parish of Muccleston.
Jan. 11. Elizab., d. of John Webb.
Mar. 20. Mary d, of Thos. Kircum.
1747, Apr. 12. Willm., s. of Randle Major.
Apr 12. Mary, d of Thos. Bayley.
May 25. James Turner, s. of Mr. James Meakin & Alice, his wife.
May 31. John, s. of Thos. & Ruth Taylor.
June 7. Rich., s. of Rich. Almon.
June 7. Betty, d. of Rich. Almon.
June 28. Ralph, s. of James Whittaker.
1747, July 10. Matth., s. of Wm. Smith.
Aug. 2. Wm., s. of Wm. Bedson.
(Bishop’s triennial visitation.)
Aug. 6, Sarah Birtshall, d. of James Corne, of the parish of Audley.
Aug. 30. Thos., s. of Joseph Glover.
Aug. 30. Elizab., d. of Michael Fletcher & Ann, his wife, b. Aug. 27.
Sept. 13. Elizab., d. of Robt. Eaton, of the parish of Audley.
Sept. 20. Ann, d. of Joseph Keen.
Oct. 11. Daniel, s. of Daniel Tilstock, parish of Audley.
Oct. 18. Charles, s. of Wm. Allen.
Oct. 18. Hannah, d. of Georg. Bruerton.
Nov. 3. Charles, s. of Mr. Wm. Clews & Frances, his wife.
Folio 6a.


1748, May 13. Hannah Broad, a servant.
June 19. Elizab., d. of Rich. Almon.
July 28. Elizab. Brownsword.
Aug. 7. James Willcock, a stranger.
Oct. 30. Martha, d. of Margaret Harrison.
Nov. 7. Ralph Corne, pauper.
Dec. 3. James, s. of Thos. Kircum.
Jan. 18. Mary, w. of James Tomkinson.
1749, Apr. 2. Ann Humphrey.
Apr. 14. Thos. Butler, pauper.
May 7. Wm. Turner.
May 22. Ann, d. of Mary Rowley.
June 2. Matth., s. of Wm. Smith.
Aug. 9. Lydia Timmis, pauper.
Jan. 15. Sarah Fletcher, pauper.
Feb. 11. Anne Cork, pauper.
1750, Apr. 12. Richard Rowley, s. of Mary Rowley.
Apr. 22. Dorothy Platt, widow.
Aug. 10. Widow Nocks, pauper.
1750, Aug. 11. Mrs. Harding, widow.
Aug. 14. Mary, d. of Wm. Shaw, parish of Madeley.
,, Sept. 11. John Hancock.
Oct. 20. Lydia, w. of Thos. Bills.
,, Nov. 2. Rhoda, d. of John Malpass.
Dec. 16. Sarah, d. of Rich. Almon.
Feb. 28. James, s. of Wm. Robinson.
Mar. 11. Jane Bate.
1751, Mar. 28. Charles Nock.
May 16. Jane Turner.
May 30. Mrs. Mary Brittain.
May 31. Randle, s. of Wm. Brownsword.
Folio 7.


1747, Nov. 6. Royal, d. of Wm. Corne.
Nov. 8. John, s. of Sam. Hawkins.
Jan. 6. Hannah, d. of John Hancock.
Jan. 10. Sam., s. of John Leighton.
Jan. 29. Wm., s. of Mr. Wm. Solmon, of Doddlespool, in the parish of Barthomley.
Feb. 14. John, s. of Robt. Shard.
,, Mar. 13. Mary, d. of Peter Grocott.
1748, May 28. Edward, s. of Joseph Stubbs.
July 24. Paul, s. of Thos. Hanbury.
Aug. 7. Timothy, s. of Thos. Smith.
Aug. 28. Sarah, d. of Henry Stoakes.
Sept. 24. Sarah, d. of John Bagnall.
Oct. 27. Elizab., d. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Nov. 6. Georg., s. of Sam. Nailor.
Nov. 6. Georg., s. of Georg. Bruerton.
Nov. 20. James, s. of Thos. Kircum.
Dec. 2. Frances, d. of Mr. Wm. Clowes.
Dec. 27. Wm., s. of Thos. Taylor.
Jan. 1. Ann, d. of John Melpass.
Jan. 8. Wm., s. of Thos. Stubbs, Doddlespool, parish of Barthomley.
Jan. 29. Thos., s. of Thos. Bayley.
Apr. 23. Sarah, d. of James Whittaker.
1749, June 4. Sam., s. of Sam. Harris.
July 9. Sarah, d. of Edw. Heath.
Aug. 3. Alice, d. of Thos. Whittaker.
Aug. 20. John, s. of John Webb.
Aug. 20. Hannah, d. of John Lovatt.
Aug. 30. John, s. of Mr. James Corne.
Sept. 20, Mary, d. of Joseph Keen.
Folio 7a.


1749, May 16. Thos. Cadman & Elizab. Sillittoe.
May 16. Ralph Wylde & Elizab. Cotton.
May 26. Hugh Tomkinson & Mary Viggars.
1750, July 16. John Massey & Ann Harding.
Nov. 1. Ralph Birkes, parish of Audley, & Ann Coleclough, parish of Woolstanton.
Nov. 9. Joseph Rogers & Sarah Bagnall.
Dec. 29. Sam. Brittain & Martha Sandlans.
Jan. 2. Rich. Dale & Elizab. Bagnall.
Jan. 27. Wm. Gibbons & Elizab. Corn.
[None in 1751.]
1752, Feb. 3. Edw. Read & Ann Frith,
Feb. 20. Mr. Georg. Harding & Mrs. Jane Rider?.
June 25. Thos. Madder, Audley parish, & Elizab. Peever, of Lawton parish.
Oct. 18. Rich. Beckett & Dorothy Duesberry.
Dec. 25. Edw. Cooper & Jane Hall.
1753, Feb. 17. Adam Mountford & Sarah Viggars.
Nov. 30. Wm. Skinner & Sarah Sandlands.
1754, Jan. 2. Matth. Lowe & Mary ————.
Jan. 3. Joseph Parker & Margaret Tomkinson.
Mar. 23. John Willdigg & Mary Heys.
"The new marriage Register takes place here" (sic). [See below, page 227].

Folio 8.


1749, Nov. 2. Margaret, d. of Mr. James Meakin.
Dec. 26. Ann Arnfield, d. of Wm. Bickerton & Ann, his wife.
1749, Dec. 28. Sarah, d. of John Unwin.
Jan. 1. Dorothy & Sarah, d. of Rich. Allmon & Ann, his wife.
Jan. 28. Mary, d. of Peter Grocott.
Mar. 11. James, s. of Ralph Wylde.
Mar. 18. Joseph, s. of Joseph Hilditch, of Adderley Green, parish of Audley.
Mar. 18. Betty, d. of Daniel Tilstock, parish of Audley.
Mar. 23. Thos., s. of Thos. Gibbons.
1750, Mar. 25. Mary, d. of Mr. Thos. Stubbs.
Apr. 1. John, s. of Wm. Brownsword.
Apr. 8. Mary, d. of Thos. Crotchley, par. of Acton.
May 6. Ann, d. of Robt. Eaton.
July 10. Ann, d. of Sam. Hawkins.
July 25. Edw., d. of John Thurstfield.
July 22. Martha, d. of John Bagnall.
Aug. 26. Betty, d. of Margaret Cooper.
Sept. 7. Wm., s. of Henry Stoakes.
Sept. 30. Thos., s. of Hugh Whittaker.
Sept. 30. Rhoda, d. of Thos. Malpass.
Oct. 3. Mary, d. of Thos. Hassell.
Oct. 24. Charles, s. of James Corne.
Nov. 11. Daniel, s. of Wm. Smith.
Nov. 17. Peggy, d. of John Heath, junr., & Ellen, his wife.
Nov. 18. John, s. of Thos. Bayley.
Dec. 2. Thos., s. of Thos. Webb.
Feb. 3. James, s. of Wm. Malpass.
Feb. 14. Joseph, s. of Joseph Heys.
Feb. 18. Mary, d. of Wm. Corne, of Rhynehill, of parish of Wybunbury.
Folio 8a.
Mar. 3. Fanny, d. of James Dain.
Mar. 20. Mary, d. of Mary Lunt, of Madeley parish, born in parish of Wybunbury, at John Gibbons's, of Tip Green F'orge.
Mar. 24. Joseph, s. of Thos. Hilditch.
1751, Apr. 8. Hannah, d. of Wm. Shaw.
1751, May 12. Mary, d. of Sam. Nailor.
May 12. John, s. of John Massey.
May 28.. Thos., s. of John Kelsall.
June 22. Elizab., d. of Georg. Bruerton.
June 9. Rebecca, d. of Mary Shone, parish of Wibunbury.
July 21. Ann, d. of John Timmis (?).
Sept. 12. Wm., s. of Wm. & Francess Clowes.
Oct. 5. Mary, d. of Sam. & Lydia Harris.
Oct. 27. Wm., s. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Nov. 17. Frances, d. of Joseph & Ann Keen.
Dec. 15. Wm., s. of Joseph & Ann Hilditch.
(New Style.)
1752, Feb. 3. John, s. of Joseph & Sarah Rogers.
Feb. — Fanny, d. of Thos. & Amy Taylor.
Mar. 1. Joseph, s. of Thos. & Mary Stubbs.
Mar. 2. Sarah, d. of Sam. & Mary Grocott.
Mar. 2. James, s, of John & Ellen Heath.
Apr. 16. Wm., s. of Wm. & Jane Allen.
Apr. 18. Mary, d. of Thos. Boulton, parish of Madeley.
May 19. Charles, s. of John & Mary Malpass.
May 24. Sam., s. of. Thos. & Margaret Smith, of the parish of Barthomley.
May — Mary, d. of John & Sarah Gibson.
May — James, s. of Daniel & Sarah Tilson.
July 25. Ann, d. of Sam. & Mary Lawton.
— — Sarah, d. of John & Ellen Moore.
— — Hannah, d. of Wm. & Hannah Brownsword.
Folio 9.


1751, June 4. Mrs. Ann Bayley.
July 21. Ann, wife of John Salt, Esq., aged 48 yrs.
Aug. 11. Mary, d. of Thos. Bills.
Sept. 24. Wm., s. of Wm. & Frances Clowes.
Nov. 11. James, s. of Wm. & Elizab. Gibbons.
Nov. 15. Charles, s. of Wm. & Elizab. Gibbons.
Dec. 10. Mary, w. of Edw. Read.
Dec. 23. Mary Ridley.
New Style.
1752, Feb. 2. Samuel Harris.
Feb. 9. Matth. Boughey.
Feb. 23. James Tomkinson.
Apr. 19. Mary, d. of Sam. & Martha Nailor.
May 2. Georg., s. of Sam. & Martha Nailor.
May 4. Sarah Smith.
May 16. John, s. of Wm. & Hannah Brownsword.
June 3. Hannah, d. of Widow Hancock.
June 9. Charles, s. of James & Elizab. Corne.
July 21. Daniel, s. of Wm. Smith.
Nov. 6. John, s. of Wm. & Frances Clowes.
Dec. 15. Wm., s. of Andrew Bate.
1753, Apr. 15. Martha Bagnall, pauper.
July 29. Georg. Nailor, pauper.
Oct. 28. Thos., s. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Oct. 30. Margaret, d. of Thos. & Margaret Farbeck.
1754, Jan. 13. Robert Ridgway.
Jan. 13. Diana Penlington, infant.
Mar. 15. Anne Waters, widow.
Mar. 22. Rachel Brittain, pauper.
June 4. Wm., s. of Thos. Onion (?).
Nov. 5. James, s. of John & Mary Malpass.
Nov. 12. Randle Hancock.
Dec. 20. Ann Smith.
Dec. 27. John Trevis.
[For continuation of the Burials see below, page 211].

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