Sources for Betley history

Betley St. Margaret's Parish Registers

St Margaret's, Betley

Volume II, Part 4 (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1724-1737)

Folio 35.


1724, May 2. Charles & Ann, d. & s. of James Nook, twins.
May 13. Ellen, d. of Thos. Bateman.
June 17. Eliz., d. of John Stanley.
June 24. Catherine, d. of Ottiwell Timmis.
July 25. Mary, d. of Hugh Morrey.
Aug. 22. Susanna, d. of Thos. Jones.
Sept. 8. John, s. of John Hand.
Oct. 12. Thos., s. of John Rowley.
Oct. 18. Sarah, d. of John Radmon.
Oct. 25. Thos., s. of Thos. & Sarah Shaw.
Nov. 14 [inserted]. John, s. .of Edw. Read, b.
,, Nov. 21. Egerton, s. of Revd. Mr. John Harding, vicar of Woolstanton, & Dorothy, his wife, born.
Dec. 27. Mary, d. of John Tomkinson.
Jan. 6. Mary, d. of James Banister.
1725/6, Jan. 30. Barbara, d. of Willm. Jenkinson.
Feb. 6. Thos., s. of James Harrison.
Feb. 13. Sarah, d. of Cornelius Waters.
1724 (?), June 16. James, s. of Thos. & Ann Handcock.
1724, Mar. 19. John Brunner, of the parish of Drayton, co. Salop, & Eliz. Smith, of the parish of Muckleston.
1724, Apr. 7. Sam. Gallimore, of parish of Elliston, co. Stafford, & Mary Turnor, of Checkley, co. Stafford.
July 4. Rich. Eyres, of Audley, & Jane Cartlidge, of Copnale.
1724/5, Jan. 29. Thos. Lindop, of Lawton (?), & Ellen Bosen, Woolstanton.
1724, July 12. James Rowley, of Audley, & Marg. Cooper, of Woolstanton.
Folio 35a.


1724, Apr. 15. Wm., s. of James Nook.
May 2. John Singleton.
May 19. Will. Keen.
May 29. Mary Robinson, widow. .
Aug. 15. Will. Cox.
,, Oct. 25. Widow Taylor.
Nov. 18 [inserted], John Turnor.
Nov. 26. Sarah, d. of John Radmore.
Dec. 6. John Malpass.
Dec. 7. Ellen Machin, of Heley Castle.
Dec. 13. Mary Jones, widow.
1724/5, Jan. 6. Mrs. Fletcher, w. of Mr. Chas. Fletcher, of Whitchurch.
Feb. 7. Eliz. Raskall [or Ruskall].
Feb. 7. Joseph Vigars.
1725, Mar. 25. Mary, d. of Peter Groucot.
May 24. Mary Ann, d. of Mr. Thos. Cotton & Eliz., his wife, of Doddlespole, born.
July 7. Geo., s. of Mr. John Cradock & Anastasia, his wife, born.
Oct. 1. Sarah, d. of Solomon Gibbons.
Sept. 26. Mary, d. of Edw. Read.
Sept. 27. Thos., s. of John Lockett.
Sept. 28. Sarah, d. of Joseph Keen.
Dec. 16, Eliz., d. of Joseph & Mary Hancock.
1725, Dec. 26. John, s. of John Radmore.
1725/6, Jan. 6. Mary, d. of John Heath.
1725, Aug. 5. Sarah, d. of Ralph Bagnal.
1725/6, Jan. 10. John, s. of W. Newton.
Mar. 10. Jane Amery, buried [see below].
1725, Mar. 27. John Edwards, of Rhinehill.
May 17. Katherine Gray, widow.
June l. Ann, w. of Thos. Averill (?).
,, June 13. Thos., s. of Ralph Thicknesse, Esq.
July 6. Ann, d. of Widow Unwin.
July 11. Joseph Corne.
Oct. 10. Edw. Corne.
Sept. 19. John Unwin Cooper.
Aug. 25. Phillip Mullington.
Nov. 5. Ralph Dod.
Dec. 11. Widow Wharton.
Dec. 14. James Low.
Dec. 19. Mary Smith, a stranger.
1725/6, Mar. 15. Ann ————, d. —— Ralph Thicknesse, of Balterley, Esq.
John [illegible].
1725, Apr. 28. John Smith, of Newcastle; & Mary Baw (?), of the same town.
June 10. Rich. Ellwood & Abigail Richards, both of Newcastle.
July 3. John Sunderland, of Audley, & Hannah Hildich, of Barthomley.
Oct. 9. John Corne, of Betley, & Ellen Suderton (?), of Madeley.
Oct. 12. Thos. Boot, of Whistaston, & Ursula Henshall.
,, Dec. 12. Thos. Leah, of Barthomley, & Eliz. Dod, of Muckleston.
Oct. 25. John Dod, Wibunbury, & Katherine Gray, of, Betley.
1725, Dec. 24. John Maxfield, of Astbury, & Isabell Tomkinson, of Horton.
1725/6, Jan. 12. Thos. Jackson, of Stoake super Tene (? Trent), & Eliz. Groucott, of same parish.
Feb. 14. Andrew Wetwood, of Ashley, & Eliz. Unwin, of Betley.
1726, Apr. — ————, s. of Ralph Adams.
Apr. 23. Chas., s. of Peter Wild.
May l. Wm., s. of Rowland Vigars, of Rhinehill.
May 8. Thos., s. of James Nook.
May 4. Margary, d. of John Corn.
June 29. John, s. of Edw. & Eliz. Heath.
July 2. Esther, d. of John & Ellen Corn.
July 10. John, s. of Ottiwell Timmis.
July 16. John, s. of Joseph Hilditch.
Aug. 7. John, s. of Chas. Vyse.
Sept. 11. Ellen, d. of Henry Davise.
Sept. 24. Wm., s. of John Sanders.
Oct. 16. Chas., s. of Thos. Trevis.
Oct. 23. Wm., s. of Wm. Malpass.
Oct. 25. Rich., s. of John Rowley.
Nov. 5. Ann, d. of Ralph Newhall.
Nov. 13. Ann, d. of Daniel Money.
Nov. 25. Robt., s. of Mr. Thos. Cotton.
Nov. 27. Elis., d. of John Hand.
Dec. l. Hannah, d. of Wm. Stevens.
Nov. 27. Chas., s. of Mr. John Cradock.
1726/7, Jan. 17. Elis., d. of John Radmore.
Mar. 7. John, s. of Jonathan Unwin.
Mar. 11. Wm., s. of John Birkes.
,, Mar. 12. Chas., s. of Thos. Howell.
1727, Apr. 2. Wm., s. of Alexander Hewitt.
Apr. 2. Frances, d. of John Major.
May 30. Wm., s. of Simon Aire.
June 4. Wm., s. of Ralph Downing.
June 20. . [No name], s. of James Birtchall.

Folio 36a.

1726, June 14. James Turner.
May 4. Robert Skerrat.
May 13. Margery, d. of John Corn.
May 16. Marmaduke Jolley.
Aug. 28. Daniel Hussey.
Sept. 24. Thos. Corne.
Oct. 28. Frances Hulse.
Nov. 10. Chas. Podmore.
Dec. 19. Ann Plimley.
Dec. 19. A child of Ralph Corne.
Dec. 25. Mary, d. of Thos. Trevis.
1726/7, Jan. 11. A child of Thos. Trevise.
Jan. 24. Wm. Singleton.
Jan. 30. Margret (sic) Unwin.
Jan. 30. Ann, d. of Wm. Jenkinson.
Feb. 6. Katherine Morris, widow.
Mar. 8. John, s. of Chas. Vyse.
1726, Aug. 15. Henry Pennlington & Susannah Grocott
Sept. 18. ———— Rogers & Jane Henshall.
Oct. 5. Hamnet Wood & Ann Hart.
Nov. 17. John Eardley & Widow Walton.
Dec. 7. Wm. Bickerton & Mary Almon.
Dec. 29. Geo. Salt & Eliz. Smith.
Dec. 29. Wm. Cook & Ann Turner.
1726/7, Jan. 5. Wm. Emmery & Sarah Jenkinson.
,, Jan. 24. Joseph Foster & Mary Aubun.
1727, Apr. 16. Elias, s. of John Bagnall.
Apr. 16. Mary, d. of Thos. Henbury.
Apr. 30. Cornelius, s. of Cornelius Waters.
May 7. Chas., s. of Wm. Bickerton.
May 28. Ann, d. of James Turner.
May 28. Martha, d. of Ralph Bagnall.
June 18. John, s. of Chas. Morgan.
1727, July 9. John, s. of Rich. Jones.
July 16. Philip, s. of John Felton.
Aug. 31. John, s. of Geo. Salt.
Sept. 1. Martha, d. of John Massey.
Oct. 2. Mary, d. of Hugh Corne.
Sept. 30. Michael, s. of Anthony Wilcocks.
Oct. 7. Mary, d. of John Sanders.
Oct. 18. Rhoda, d. of Ralph Thicknesse, Esq.
Nov. 18. Ralph,.s. of Mary Beech.
Nov. 19. John, s. of John Stanley.
Nov. 26. Timothy, s. of Roger Whittakers.
Nov. 29. Anastasia, d. of Mr. John Cradock & Anastasia, his wife.
Dec. 10. John, s. of John Heath.
Dec. 31. Nelly, d. of Thos. Corne.
Jan. l. Rich., s. of Wm. Dale.
Jan. 5. Katherine, d. of Chas. Vyse (?).
Folio 37.


1727, Apr. 16. Elnor Turner.
July 19. John Bagnall.
Aug. 8. Jane Corn.
Aug. 30. Geo. Unwin.
Sept. 8. Alice Aer (sic).
Sept. 13. John Butterton.
Sept. 19. Hannah Butterton.
Sept. 23. Sarah, w. of Rich. Ellerton.
Sept. 24. Mrs. Piereson (?).
Sept. 26. Mary Birkes.
Oct. 12. Michall, s. of Anthony Wilcocks.
Nov. 13. A travelling man was buried.
Dec. 3. Mary Scot.
1727/8, Jan. 7. Thos. Machin.
Jan. 28. Peter Wyld.
Feb. 7. Ann, w. of Sam. Cheney.
Mar. 13. Erminthe, w. of Rich. Jones.
Mar. 11. John Brittain.
Mar. 11. James Gordon.
1727/8, Feb. 15. Thos. Clues & Susannah Tittensor.
Apr. 22. Wm. Low & Mary Grocott.
May 11. Sam. Timmes & Jane Corn.
Oct. 20. Rich. Ellerton & Rachel Smith.
Oct. 25. John Ball & Eliz. Bickstock.
,, Nov. 6. John Alsager & Eliz. Steel.
1728. Jan. 6. Rich. Corne & Ann Bourne.
,, Jan. 9. Rich. Groom & Ann Shaw.
1729, Apr. 28. Matth. Low & Naomi Trickett.
May l. John Harding & Constant (sic) Bennett.
May 27. Ralph Greenwood & Abigail Fellows.
July 26 Sam. Leighton & Mary Allecock.
,, July 27. Ralph Rabon & Mary Woolley.
July 28. Thos. Johnson & Mary Hancock.
July 31. Rich. Robinson & Widow Corn.
Nov. 5. Thos. Hickman & Mary Benion.
Dec. 30. Daniel Ford & Anne Alsager.
1730. Mar. 30. Aaron Dennell & Sarah Bennett.
Mar. 31. Wm. Corne & Mary Palmer.

Folio 37a.

Oct. 21, Anno domini 1690.

On this day the first stone of the foundation of the new steeple of Betley was laid by Joseph Henshall & Thos. Everall, masons.

DANIEL SUTTON, minister.
JERIMY ROOD, Churchwardens.


1728, Mar. 31. Rich. Jones.
Apr. 4. Rich. Harding.
Apr. 11. Sarah, w. of Sam. Green.
May 28. Eliz., w. of Daniel Money.
June 3. A child of Ralph Corne.
June 21. John Corne.
June 21. Ralph, s. of Ralph Brittain.
July 24. Sarah Turner.
1728, July 27. Thos. Webb.
July 28. Wm. Stevenson, Junr.
Aug. 1. Ann Hulze.
Aug. 14. Eliz. Fox.
Aug. 25. Mary, w. of Edw. Read.
Sept. 2. Joseph Hancock.
Sept. 4. Wm. Stevenson, senr.
Sept. 11. Eliz. Hancock.
Sept. 23. Wm. Emmery, senr.
Oct. l. A child of Thos. Henbury's.
Oct. 5. Armiskell & Eliz. Birch.
Oct. 18. Ann, w. of Thos. Hancock.
Oct. 21. John Unwin.
Oct. 24. A child of John Corne.
Nov. 14. Daniel Asberry.
Nov. 20. Thos. Whittingham.
Dec. 3. Alice Bagnall
Dec. 4. Wm. Turner.
Dec. 18. Widow Bynon.
1728/9, Jan. 23. Widow Mullington
Feb. 15. Sarah, d. of James Banister.
Feb. 18. Eliz., w. of Ralph Newhall.
Feb. 20. John, s. of Randle Merry.
Feb. 20. John, s. of Ralph Newhall.
Feb. 26. Stephen, s. of Peter Grocott.
Feb. 27. Em, d. of Joseph Allen.
Mar. 11. Mary Dod.
Mar. 14 Ralph Tankert.
Folio 38.


1728, Apr. 5. James, s. of James & Eliz. Birtshall.
Apr. 7. Sarah, d. of James Banister.
Apr. 7. Wm., s. of Edw. Heath.
,, Apr. 10. Ann, d. of Thos. & Eliz. Holyday.
Apr. 14. Mary, d. of Thos. Lidcott.
Apr. 21. Sarah, d. of John Locket.
May 5. Jos., s. of Wm. & Sarah Newton.
July 2. Thos., s. of Thos. Cotton.
1728, July 17. John, s. of Ellis Bagnall.
Sept. 29. John Tompson, officer's son.
Oct. 16. Sarah, d. of Jos. & Emily Turner.
Nov. 9. John, s. of Randle & Ellen Merry.
Nov. 17. Ralph & John Newhall, twins.
Dec. 26. Mary, d. of Ellen Webb.
Dec. 27. Robt., s. of John Hand.
1728/9, Jan. 5. Martha, d. of James Harrison.
Jan. 15. Em., d. of Joseph Allen.
Jan. 18. Ellen, d. of Randle Furnavall.
Jan. 18. John, s. of John Mall.
Feb. 23. Stephen, s. of Peter Grocott.
Mar. 2. Eliz., d. of Joshua Hope.
Mar. 9. Ann, d. of Sam. Timmes.
Mar. 16. Isaac, s. of Isaac Miller.
Mar. 17. Jane, d. of Chas. Vyse.
1729, Apr. 6. Catherine, d. of John Major.
Apr. 15. Mary, d. of Wm. & Mary Low.
May 4. Hannah, d. of Rich. Bate.
June 1. Jane, d. of Henry & Jane Davise.
June 9. Geo., s. of Jonathan Unwin.
June 10. Bettey, d. of Mr. Farbeck.
July 6. Sarah, d. of John & Sarah Radmore.
July 17. Eliz., d. of Wm. Bickerton.
July 20. Sarah, d. of Sam. Cheney.
Aug. 31. Joseph, s. of Thos. Henbury.
Sept. 7. Ellen, d. of Roger & Ellen Whittaker.
,, Sept. 14. Thos., s. of Robt. Shard.
Sept. 21. James, s. of Thos. Trevise.
Oct. 19. Edw., s. of Edw. Heath.
Nov. 9. Katherine, d. of John Stanley.
Nov. 23. Mary, d. of Thos. Shard.
Dec. 7. Sarah, d. of Randle Merry.
Dec. 26. Eliz., d. of Thos. Holyday.
Dec. 29. Ann, d. of Geo. Salt.
Dec. 30. Eliz., d. of James Banister.
1729/30, Jan. 31. Geo., s. of John Harding.
Mar. 6. Ann, d. of Hugh Corne.
Folio 38a.


1729, May 6. Thos. Hancock.
May 6. Jas., s. of Jas. Tomkinson.
May 13. John Major.
May 14. Wm. Rowley.
May 14. Katherine Birtshall.
May 19. Jas., s. of Jas. Birtshall.
May 21. Rich. Skerratt.
May 21. John Sheen, died in Betley, buried at Bunbury.
May 27. John Hodgkins.
May 27. James Nock.
May 30. John, s. of James Tomkinson.
June 1. Robt. Hand, s. of John Hand.
June 29. Ann Shaw.
July 25. Wm., s. of Joseph Keen.
July 27. Hannah, d. of Rich. Bate.
July 28. Mary Shaw.
July 29. Jane, d. of Chas. Vyse.
Aug. 2. Widow Plant.
Aug. 8. Ralph, s. of John Bagnall.
Aug. 17. Widow Hussey.
Sept. 5. Thos. Barker.
Sept. 14. Eliz., d. of John Heath.
Sept. 21. A child of James Tomkinson.
Oct. 6. Wm. Smith.
Oct. 9. Eliz. Bickerton.
Oct. 18. Sarah Skerratt.
Nov. 18. Katherine, d. of John Stanley.
Nov. 23. John, s. of Edw. Heath.
Dec. 18. Thos. Dod.
1729/30, Jan. 11. Hugh Humphreys.
Jan. 23. Mary, w. of Isaac Lunt.
Jan. 31. Joseph, s. of Thos. Henbury.
Feb. 23. Ellis, s. of John Bagnall.
Feb. 26. Ralph, s. of Ralph Newhall.
Feb. 28. Joseph Corne.
Mar. 1. Eliz., d. of James Banister.
1729/30, Mar. 5. Grace Corne.
1730, Mar. 2. Sam. Ravenshaw.
Mar. 28. Marg. Heath.
Mar. 31. Eliz. Turner.
Apr. 2. John Royley.
Apr. 12. Mary Steel, widow.
Apr. 30. James & John Thicknesse.
May 1. Chas., s. of Wm. Bickerton.
,, May 1. Hannah, w. of John Stanley.
June 2. Eliz., d. of Joseph Hancock.
June 16. Chas., s. of Wm. Shaw.
Folio 39.
June 18. Chas., s. of Joseph Hancock.
June 30. Hannah, d. of Hannah Stevenson.
June 25. Mary Corne, widow.
July 5. Mary, d. of James Banister.
July 11. John, s. of Geo. Salt.
1730, Mar. 31. Thos., s, of Ottiwell Timmes.
Mar. 31. Mary, d. of Simon Ayre.
Apr. 26. Geo., s. of John Hand.
Apr. 27. Eliz., d. of Thos. Cotton.
May 5. Wm., s. of Wm. Low.
May 19. John, s. of Wm. Timmis.
May 23. John, s. of Sam. Leighton.
May 31. Ellen, d. of John Rowley.
June 7. Solomon, s. of Solomon Gibbons.
June 20. Mary, d. of Joseph Hewett.
July 18. Bate, s. of Dan. & Eliz. Johnson.
Aug. 2. Mary, d. of Wm. Dale.
Aug. 2. Wm., s. of Chas. Vyse.
Aug. 30. Thos., s. of Thos. Chaddock.
Sept. 26. Betty, d. of John Corn.
Sept. 27. John, s. of Thos. Latham.
,, Sept. 28. Thos., s. of Peter Grocott.
Sept. 29. Thos., s. of Wm. Newton.
1730, Oct. 2. Katherine, d. of Mr. John Cradock & Anastasia, his wife.
Nov. 29. Grace, d. of John Rogers.
Dec. 13. Sarah, d. of John Massey.
Dec. 29. Mary, d. of Thos. Johnson.
1730/1, Jan. 17. Wm., s. of Joseph Hilditch.
Feb. 2. Katherine, d. of Randle Furnavall.
Feb. 7. Wm., s. of John Lockett.
Mar. 23. Wm., s. of Joseph Keen.
1730, Sept. 20. John Stanley.
Oct. 9. John Tomkinson.
Oct. 19. Rachel Waters.
Oct. 25. Jonathan Lawton.
Nov. 8. Widow Turner, pauper.
Nov. 22. Wm. Cork.
1730/1, Jan. 23. Esther Waters.
1730, Oct. 25. Richard Boulton & Ann Downing.
Nov. 10. Edward Read & Mary Royley.
Nov. 26. Mr. Yates & Eliz. Maden.
1730. Nov. 30. Thos. Timmes & Honora Skerrott.
Dec. 26. John Waters & Esther Richardson.
Dec. 26. Randle Johnson & Hannah Hilditch.
Folio 39a.
Dec. 29. Ralph Eardley & Esther Galley.
Dec. 30. John Synnerton & Mary Birtshall.
1730/1, Feb. 23. Jos. Downing & Alice Asbourn.
Feb. 28. John Brittain & widow Wyld.
1731, Mar. 28. Thos., s. of Wm. Malpass.
Apr. 2. Ann, d. of Dan. Leighton.
Apr. 4. Edw., s. of Edw. Read.
May 15. Jas., s, of Jonathan Unwin.
May 23. Thos., s. of John Major.
1731, May 30, Jas., s. of Rich. Smith.
Sept. 26. Mary, d. of Sam. Badley.
Oct. 10. Jos., s. of Joseph Downing.
Oct. 17. Ralph, s. of Roger Whitaker.
Oct. 18. Diana et Hannah Boot, gemelli (sic).
Nov. 24. Ann, d. of Eliz. Roades.
Nov. 27. Mary, d. of Thos. Emmery.
Dec. 2. Wm., s. of John Radmore.
Dec. 27. Mary, d. of Geo. Salt.
1731/2, Jan. 16. Thos., s. of Sam. Timmes.
Jan. 17. Marth., s. of Wm. Lowe.
Mar. 8. Ann, da. of Jos. Dean.
1731, Apr. 2. Ann Corne.
Apr. 29. Alice Minshall.
May 11. Hugh Morrey.
July 18. Martha Tonkinson.
July 19. A child of Sam. Cheney.
July 26. Mary Dean.
Aug. 13. Mrs. Henshall.
Aug. 17. John Hulse, pauper.
Aug. 24. Wm. Whittaker.
Sept. 11. Ralph Newall, pauper.
Oct. 19. Ann, d. of Wm. Emmery.
Oct. 21. John, s. of John Stanley.
Oct. 28. Mary Massey.
Oct. 29. Diana Boot.
1731/2, Jan. 23. Wm. Noden, pauper.
Mar. 22. Sarah Henbury.
1731, Apr. 23. Geo. Beardman & Rebecca Wharton.
Apr. 26. John Hassall & Frances Jones.
May 4. John Timmes & Jane Wright.
May 25. John Colclough & Ann Barlow.
Oct. 8. ———— Bate & Widow Kelsall.
Oct. 19. John Brewer & Mary Ward.
1731/2, Jan. 27. Wm. Manley & Alice Mylyneux.
Folio 40.


1732, Mar. 26. Joseph, s. of Joseph Turner.
Apr. 23. Wm., s. of John Hand.
Apr. 30. Wm., s. of Wm. Timmes.
May 7, Thos., s. of Edw. Heath.
May 16. Sarah, d. of Hugh Wilkinson.
May 21. James, s. of James Harison.
May 28. Thos., s. of Thos. Trevise.
June 4. Wm., s. of Wm. Hog.
June 27. Matth., s. of Ottiwell Timmes.
Eliz., d. of Chas. Vyse.
July 17. Sarah, d. of John Timmes.
July 23. Ann, d. of Wm. Emmery.
Sept. 2. Ann, d. of Mr. Wm. Bache & Frances, his wife.
Oct. l. Philip, s. of Wm. Dale.
Oct. 1. John, s. of Thos. Podmore.
Oct. 3. Edw., s. of Hugh Corne.
Oct. 29. Hannah, d. of Thos. Chaddock,
Nov. 4. Wm., s. of Thos. Farbeck.
Nov. 19. Mary, d. of John Heath.
BURYALS (sic).
1732, Apr. 12. Mary, w. of Wm. Bickerton.
July 2. Anne Timmes.
July 13. Eliz. Wright.
Oct. 30. Thos., s. of Thos. Taevise, next after the visitation.
1732, Apr. 10. John Tamms & Ann Grocott.
May l. Gabriel Smith & Eliz. Singleton.
Aug. 28. Thos. Waters & Ann Foster.
Oct. 4. Thos. Carter & Martha Brittain.
1733, Dec. 26. John Dave & Mary Stanley.
(? 1733/4), Jan. 27. John Jackson & Mary Lawton.
1734, Jan. 8 (sic). John Marsh & Mary Bailey.
Dec. 31 (sic). John Martin & Sarah Lawton, by banns.
1734/5 (sic), Feb. 17. Rich. Jones & Ann Bartlon, of Mucccleston, by licence.
Delivered into the Bishop's Court, Sept. 4, 1735, by me, SAM. NORRIS, minister.                                                                                                                           AARON SUTTON, churchwarden.
Folio 40a.


1732, Dec. 8. Alice Hodgkins, pauper.
1732/3, Jan. 23. Wm., s. of Wm. Key.
Jan. 26. Ellen Jolley, widow.
Mar. 3. Sarah Skerratt, widow.
1733, Apr. 18. Sarah Lockett, pauper.
June 18. Rich. Bate.
Jos. Bertshall, drowned, b. July 26.
Aug. 3. Wm., s. of Wm. Newton.
Aug. 3. Ann, wife of Hugh Corne.
Nov. 5. John Jordan, died Nov. 2, bur. at Wybunbury.
1733/4, Jan. 27. John Massey, of Audley, miller.
Feb. 9. Joan Cotgreave.
Mar. 13. Thos. Averill.
1734, July 11. James Taylor, of Audley, a soldier.
July 24. Mary Turner, pauper.
July 31. Wm., s. of Thos. Smith.
Aug. 19. John Dain.
Sept. 6. Mrs. Saint, widow.
Nov. 3. Eliz., d. of Geo. Salt (with affidavit).
Jan. 3. John, s. of Aaron Sutton (affidavit).
1734/5, Feb. 11. Dorothy Skerratt, of Wybunbury, widow, with aff.
Feb. 27. Lydia Whittaker, servant to Mr. Cradock, aff.
1735. May 13. John Corn, of Wrinehill (aff.).
June 24. Marg. Timmes, widow, aff.
July 20. Wm. Shaw, gent., aff.

Delivered into the Bishop's Court at the triennial visitation of the Right Reverend father in God Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, held at Stafford, Sept. 4, 1735, by SAM. NORRIS, minister.

AARON SUTTON, churchwarden.

Folio 41.

[Here a Terrier is bound in as follows :—]


A terrier of the dues & profits belonging to the minister of the parochial chapel of Betley in co. Stafford.

A rent charge of 6 a year is paid out of the tithes of Betley.

A house & garden belonging to the minister.

Twenty acres of land or there abouts taken out of the waste in Betley parish enclosed as an equivalent for the bounty money.

As estate lying in Audley parish purchased with the bounty money.

Ten seats in the gallery, the rent whereof is yearly paid to the minister.

The Queen’s bounty is advanced 800, tithes from gardeners is also due here in kind, the Easter roll is thus gathered.

Every Householder pays the minister 9d. called smoke money.

For every new milch cow the minister hath a halfpenny and for every barren cow d.

For flax is 6d. a peck.

And hemp 4d. or gathered in kind.

one pig in 7 is due to the minister.

one goose in 7 ,, ,,

one lamb in 7 „ ,,

1d. for every lamb above or under a tithable number.

Wool the 10th fleece.

Tithe herbage is due here.

Surplice fees are thus paid:

For churching a woman & registering her child 1s/-. For burying a corps & registering the burial 1s/6d. For writing an affidavit 6d. For burying a corps brought out of another parish 6s/8. The same is due for a corps taken out of this Parish to be buried in another.

For a funeral sermon 10s/-.

For a marriage whether by Banns or Licence 5s/-. For searching the Register 4d. For a certificate out of it 8d. For breaking up the Soil in the Church (sic) to bury a corps there 3s. 4d.

The above written Terrier was delivered into the Archdeacons Court held at Stafford, Sep. 27, 1735.

Signed by John Salt, Curate of Betley.

Edmund Meakin.

Aaron Sutton.

John Salt.

Willm. Richardson.

Thos. Farbeck.

Thos. Brittain, Churchwarden.

Thos. Willett.

James Corne, Church Warden.

[In a different hand, probably the Clerk’s—]

Dues belonging to the Clerk of the Parochial Chapel of Betley in the County of Stafford.

s. d.

Every plowgate


Every householder


For every burial & tolling the Bell

1 8

For every woman churched

0 4

For every corps brought out of another parish to be buried & tolling the Bell

3 4

The same is due for a Corps taken out of this parish to be buried in another

3 4

The same has been given for a corps in church
For every marriage by Banns

1 0

For every marriage by Licence

2 6


Here begins Folio 41.


1732, Dec. 3. Sam., s. of Isaac Miller, of Wybunbury.
I732/3, Feb. 4. Jane, d. of John Harding.
Feb. 7. Thos., s. of Thos. Shard, of Rhynhill, in Wybunbury parish.
I732/3, Feb. 7. Jane, d. of Peter Grocott.
Feb. 23. Wm., s. of Morris Smith.
Feb. 25. Eliz., d. of John Massey, of Audley.
Feb. 28. Dan., s. of Sam. Leighton, of Audley.
Mar. 17. Peggy, d. of Dan. Johnson, Clark.
1733, Apr. 3. Jonathan, s. of Jonath. Unwin.
Apr. 8. Ruth, d. of Wm. Newton.
Apr. 21. John, s. of Roger Whittaker.
May 15. Eliz., d. of Wm. Brittain, Naylor.
June 2. John, s. of John Corne de Rhynehill.
June 24. John, s. of Jos. Keen.
June 24. Kath., d. of John Leighton,
July 8. Ann, d. of Thos. Tittensor, of Audley.
Aug. 5. Rich., s. of Acton Fox, of Barthomley.
Aug. 5. John, s. of Randle Merry.
Aug. 12. Robert, s. of John Hand.
Aug. 29. Eliz., d. of Wm. & Mary Lowe, of Audley.
Sept. 23. Sarah, d. of Eliz. Jones, of Wybunbury.
Sept. 29. Aaron, s. of Moses Turner, of Audley.
Oct. 7. Sarah, d. of Sam. Badley, of Madeley.
Nov. 18. Kath., d. of John Rowley.
Nov. 18. Thos., s. of Sam. Cheney.
1733/4, Feb. 2. Wm., s. of Wm. Steel, of Audley.
,, Mar. 10. Hannah, d. of Thos. & Hannah Trevise.
1734, Apr. 5. Wm., s. of Thos. Smith.
Apr. 5. John, s. of Mary Wood, a Bastard child.
Apr. 21. John, s. of Edw. Heath.
June 15. John, s. of Aaron Sutton.
July 3. Mary, d. of Robt. & Lydia Ridgway.
July 14. Wm., s. of Wm. Whittaker.
July 15. Mary, d. of John & Jane Timmes.
July 19. Philip, s. of John & Mary Lockett.
Aug. 3. Ann, d. of Wm. & Lydia Robinson.
Sept. l. Sarah, d. of Morris Smith.
Folio 4la.
Oct. 13. John, s. of John & Mary Deane.
Oct. 14. Eliz., d. of Geo. & Eliz. Salt.
1734, Nov. 7. Sarah, d. of Wm. & Alice Brittain.
Nov. 10. Marg., d. of John & Mary Heath.
Dec, 28. Mary, d. of Thos. & Mary Farbeck.
1734/5, Jan. 12. Mary, d. of Wm. & Sarah Emmery.
Jan. 14. John, s. of Hugh & Hannah Wilkinson.
Jan. 15. Bryan, s. of John & Joyce Sneyd.
Memorandum. On Sunday, Feb. 9, 1734-5 about seven of ye clock in ye evening a female child was left by a person or persons unknown at a poor man’s door & was baptized Feb. 12, 1734-5, & called Providence.
1735, Mar. 30. Ann, d. of Thos. & Marg. Smith.
Apr. 15. Rich., s. of Randle & Ellen Merril.
Apr. 20. John, s. of John & Mary Leighton.
Apr. 22. Stephen, s. of Peter & Jane Grocot.
Apr. 26. Nathaniel, s. of Moses & Dorothy Turner, of Audley.
Apr. 27. Sarah, d. of Sarah Kent, a Bastard child.
May 8. Ann, d. of Thos. & Eliz. Podmore.
,, May 10. John, s. of Jane Clayton, of Wybunbury,
May 31. Chas., s. of Chas. Vyse,
June 22. Martha, d. of Geo. & Martha Maddox.
June 28. Mary, d. of John & Constance Harding.
Aug. 31. James, s. of Jos. w Alice Tomkinson.
Aug. 31. Sam., s. of Sam. & Ruth Badley.
Delivered into ye Bishop’s Court at the Triennial Visitation of the Right Revd. Father in God Richard Lord Bishop of Lichfield & Coventry, held at Stafford, Sept. 4, 1735.

JAMES NORRIS, minister.
AARON SUTTON, churchwarden.

Folio 42.

Sept. 20. Joseph, s. of Wm. & Mary Corne.
,, Sept. 27. Jas., s. of John & Ann Corne.
Sept. 28. Hugh, s. of Hugh & Eliz. Whitaker, of Wybunbury.
1735, Sept. 29. Sarah, d. of Thos. & Jane Birtshall, of Barthomley.
Sept. 29. Ann, d. of Thos. & Ann Emery.
Oct. 5. Jas., s. of Jas. & Mary Tipper, of Audley.
Oct. 19. Eliz., d. of Thos. & Mary Titsor, of Wybunbury.
Oct. 26. Wm., s. of Margery Hilditch, a Bastard Child.
Dec. 2. Jas., s. of John & Hannah Hancock.
Dec. 27. Eliz., d. of Dan. & Eliz. Johnson.
Dec. 31. Jas., s. of Robt. & Lydia Ridgway.
1735/6, Feb. 26. Ann, d. of Aaron & Sarah Sutton.
Feb. 29. Ann, d. of Jonathan & Marg. Roden.
1736, Apr. 4. Mary, d. of John & Ann Robinson.
,, Apr. 27. Mary, d. of John & Mary Rowley.
May 27. Ann, d. of Jonathan & Ann Unwin.
June 29. Eliz., d. of John & Joyce Sneyd.
Aug. 1. James, s. of Margery Hilditch, a Bastard child.
Aug. 22. Geo., s. of Geo. & Eliz. Salt.
Aug. 29. Mary, d. of Morris & Mary Smith.
Sept. 7. Wm., s. of Dan. & Isabella Smith.
Sept. 12. John, s. of John & Jane Timmis.
Folio 42a.

WEDDINGS, 1735. None.

1736, Feb. 21 Wm. Bickerton & Ann Arnfield, by licence.
1736/7, Mar. 24. Sam. Huxley, of Coppenhall, & Eliz. Sutton. of Betley, by licence.
1737, May 27. John Whittingham, of Betley, & Mary Bocket, of Sandbach, by licence.
July 3. Edw. Hedger & Mary Lea, by banns.
Oct. 3. Robt. Dason & Mary Bale, by banns.
1735, Oct. 10. Jos. Platt, affidavit.
1735/6, Jan. 28. John Locket, the oldest, with aff.
Feb. 25. Betty, d. of Mr. Thos. Farbeck, aff.
Feb. 27. Rich. Ridley, aff.
1735/6, Feb. 27. Mary, d. of Mr. Thos. Farbeck, aff.
Mar. 10. Martha, d. of Geo. Maddox, aff.
Mar. 22. Lydia, w. of Wm. Robinson, aff.
1736, May 19 (? 14). John & Peter, s.s. of John Massey, of Audley, aff.
June 26. Ann, w. of Hugh Tomkinson, aff.
July 19. Ann, d. of Jonathan Unwin & Ann, his wife, aff.
Sept. 3. Mary, w. of Jos. Hilditch, of Audley, aff.
Oct. 15. John, s. of Benj. Johnson, aff.
Nov. 5. John, s. of Jonathan & Ann Unwin, aff.
(Signed)  SAM. MORRIS, minister.                                                                        ROBT. RIDGWAY,                                                                                                     HUGH WILKINSON, Churchwardens

Folio 43.


1736, Sept. 26. Sarah, d. of Thos. Taylor & Amey, his wife.
Sept. 28. Mary, d. of Edw. & Eliz. Heath.
Aug. 15. Wm., s. of Hugh Wilkinson & Hannah, his wife, bapt. at Talk upon the Hill, as appeared by a certificate of Mr. Rowlands who baptised the child.
Oct. 17. Jos., s. of Thos. & Mary Henbury.
Oct. 31. Betty, d. of Ottiwell & Mary Timmis.
Nov. 15. Jas., s. of John & Dorothy Hand.
Nov. 21. Andrew, s. of Chas. & Eliz. Vyse.
Dec. 12. Thos., s. of Wm. & Mary Whittaker.
Dec. 12. Mary, d. of John Swinnerton & Mary, his wife.
1736/7, Jan. 2. Betty, d. of Geo. & Martha Maddox.
,, Jan. 6. Wm., s. of Wm, & Sarah Newton.
Jan. 30. Geo., s. of John & Mary Lockiet.
Feb. 23. John, s. of Wm. Brittain Naylor & Alice, his wife.
Feb. 27. John, s. of John & Ann Lawton.
Mar. 6. Wm., s. of Rich. & Mary Smith, of Wybunbury.
Mar. 20. Mary, d. of John & Joan Trevis.
1736/7. Mar. 20. John, s. of John & Ellen Jackson.
Mar. 23. John, s. of John & Ann Corne.
Mar. 24. Mary, d. of Moses & Dorothy Turner.
1737, Mar. 27. Ann, d. of Wm. & Mary Corne.
Apr. 10. Elias, s. of Jas. & Marg. Harrison.
Apr. 12. Mary, d. of Randle & Ellen Merril.
Apr. 24. Thos., s. of John & Kath. Gibbons.
Folio 43a.


1736, Nov. 9. John, s. of John Harding, aff.
Nov. 10. Mary, w. of Edw. Hulme, aff.
Nov. 12. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan Unwin, aff.
Nov. 16. Wm., s. of Hugh Wilkinson, aff.
Nov. 18. Jas., s. of Thos. Trevis, aff.
Dec. 5. Mary, w. of John Heath, aff.
Dec. 15. Andrew, s. of Chas. Vyse, aff.
Dec. 26. Jos., s. of Thos. Henbury, aff.
1736/7, Jan. 14. Sarah, w. of Aaron Sutton, aff.
Feb. 20. Martha, d. of Wm. Robinson, aff.
Mar. 10. Mr. Wm. Wingfield, aff.
1737, Apr. 6. Ann, d. of Widow Whittaker, aff.
Apr. 7. Wm. Nock, aff.
Apr. 24. Dan., s. of Dan. Johnson, aff.
Apr. 29. James, s. of John Hand, aff.
May 18. Betty, d. of Geo. Maddox, aff.
May 21. Ralph, s. of Geo. Maddox, aff.
May 28. Thos. Nock, aff.
June 16. Thos., s. of Wm. Newton, aff.
June 19. John & Mary, s. & d. of Randle Merrill, aff.
June 20. Wm., s. of Wm. Newton, aff.
Folio 44.


May 6. Sarah, d. of Randle and Martha Cooper, of Madeley.
May 8. Thos., s. of Thos. & Jane Birtchall, of Wybunbury.
May 21. Robt., s. of Robt. & Lydia Ridgway.
1737, May 31. Wm., s. of Mr. Wm. & Frances Bache, of Barthomley.
June 14. Frances Mary, d. of Mr. Thos. & Margaret Farbeck.
June 19. Thos., s. of Thos. & Marg. Smith, of Barthomley.
July 3. Ann, d. of John & Martha Massey, of Audley.
Aug. 28. Robt., s. of Robt. & Mary Birtchall.
Sept. 1. Ann, d. of Hugh & Hannah Wilkinson.
Sept. 4. Jos., s. of Joseph & Lydia Keen.
Sept. 18. Thos., s. of Sarah Emery, widow.
Sept. 15. Jas., s. of John & Mary Leighton.
Oct. 27. Mary, d. of Dan. & Isabella Smith.
Nov. 20. Mary, d. of Ralph & Mary Noden.
Nov. 14. Mary, d. of John & Hannah Hancock.
Dec. 18. Jane, d. of Thos. Tittsor & Mary, his wife, of Audley.
1737, Dec. 28. Moses Fletcher & Ann Jones, by banns.
Dec. 29, Thos. Hassall & Sarah Grocot, by banns.
SAM. NORRIS, Curate.

Folio 44a.


1737, June 22. Sarah & Ann, ds. of Randle Merrill, aff.
June 27. Nelly, d. of Thos. Corne, aff.
July 14. Philip, s. of John Lockiet, aff.
,, July 20. Sam., s. of Sam, Timmis, aff.
July 21. Ellen Astbury, aff.
July 23. Wm. Emery, aff.
Aug. 7. Wm. Whittaker, aff.
Aug. 20. Wm., s. of Mary Whittaker, widow, aff.
Sept. 2. Ann, d. of Hugh Wilkinson, aff.
Sept. 5. Jos. & Ann, s. & d. of Wm. Corne, aff.
Sept. 6. Thos., s. of John Major, aff.
,, Sept. 20. Mary, w. of Wm. Smith, aff.
Oct. 3. Jas,, s. of John Leighton, aff.
Nov. 18. Sam. Clayton, aff.
1737, Nov. 11. Catherine Lewis, widow, aff.
Nov. 16. Hannah, w. of Thos. Trevis, aff.
Nov. 17. Ruth, d. of Wm. Newton, aff.
Nov. 26. Mary, d. of John Hancock, aff.
Dec. 2. John Baddeley, aff.
Dec. 4. John Harding, aff.
Dec. 4. Jas., s. of John Hancock, aff.
Dec. 11. Ann, d. of Wm. Eardley, aff.
Dec. 16. Wm. Eardley, aff.
Dec. 18. Ann Corne, aff.
SAM. NORRIS, Curate.

[Memorandum on back of cover.]

Buried out of the Parish this present year, 1737.

1737, May 25. Jane Perry, at Wybunbury.
Nov. 4. John Royly, at Newcastle.
Nov. 19. Eliz. Steel, at Barthomley.
Dec. 19. Mrs. Eliz. Lawton, at Lawton.
—— — Hannah, d. of Wm. Knight ———-.
Samuell Machen d. Sept. 29, 97 years old.

"Mem. Bettly Parish this 12 May (1668)" shows when the book was originally purchased.

[End of Vol. II. of the Register as now bound, 1915.]

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