Sources for Betley history

Betley St. Margaret's Parish Registers

St Margaret's, Betley

Volume II, Part 1 (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1651-1671)


The second volume measures 19 inches by 7 inches in a modern parchment binding.

Inside the cover are the following memoranda :—

Dec. 27, 1697.

We whose names are subscribed being met at church about parish business do in the name of the parish agree & settle it for a custom that the minister shall be paid three halfpence a lamb and no more for ever for every lamb under five of tithable number.


William Brittayne.
Thos. Richardson,  Junr.
Thos. Bristowe.
John Unwin.
Marmaduke Jolly.
Edward Madder.
James Turner.
John Twist.

Memorandum. That I was paid 3 halfpence for every lamb under the above tithable number for 2 years & it was looked upon as due to me by them that paid me only. Thos. Richardson of Betley carrier refused to pay me whereupon I sued him at Lichfield some of the parish come and encouraged him unknown to me and they [asked] Mr. Brian Shaw rector of Barthomley to desire me to refer it to 2 clergymen which I yielded to. They chose Mr. Shaw of Barthomley, Mr. Jonas rector of Wibunbury. I gone to Mr. Shaw several times ..…... but he was unwilling to meddle ...................

. . but one day as I was a-going to Barthomley to know his reason why he did not meet some of the parish who made a motion of a conclusion among ourselves because Mr. Shaw went not in favour for them. [It being about a Communion time] to take (as above) for my time and no longer that the succeeding ministers are left to their choice whether to continue my composition or to say what way paid at first when Mr. Shaw led me to infer that he promised they should pay ............ charges which accordingly

they did of . . . . in the book of accounts in the year above in absolute truth.

Nathaniel Williams.

[See Appendix].


There is an old register in the church coffer which bears date 1538—1622 (sic).

 Folio I [much rubbed at the top].

1651, Apr. 2. Alles, d. of John Kettell.
Folio I.


1653, Nov. 20. Rich. Waters.
Nov. 21. Willm. Sergant.
Dec. 3. Raphe Hulme, clarke.
,, Mar. 2. Anne Widdowes.
Mar. 15. Margret Waters.
Mar. 23. John Hulme.
1653, Nov. 28. Samuel, son of John Corke.
Nov. 30. Anne, d. of Willm. ffinney.
Jan. 10. Lettis, d. of Robt. Sillitoe.
Feb. 22. Willm. Rayne, son.
Feb. 22. Hugh Thompson, son.
Hugh, son of Thos. Bloore, his name being Willm. Bloore.
1653, Dec. 25. George Bromley & Ellin Whitmoore.
1653/4, Feb. 2. John Sergant & Jane Henbery.
May 22. John Butterton & ——— ———.
John Saxon, son of Raph. Saxon & Catherine, his wife, b. 23 May, 1653.
Folio 1a.
Raphe Cordan of ? II (was appointed) register by Easter Week being the 26th day of March in the year of our Lord 1654, the old register having departed this life and he and the

Raph Cordon being sworn before me the follerringe to keep aforesaid register of marriages births & burials according to an act of Parliament in that behalf provided bearing date the 24th Aug. the year of our Lord 1653.

(signed) Edward Eardley, J.P.

1654, Apr. 28. Margit, d. of John [Unwin] (sic).
Aug. 8. Anne, d. of Rich. Blackman.
Dec. 6. John, son of Robt. Onnwyne.
Sept. 6. Mary Cane, d. of Rich. Cane.
— 9. Penellope Egerton, d. of the Right honourable Randal Egerton, Esq., armiger.
Oct. 9. Rich., son of Thos. Berchem.
Oct. 21. Francis, son of Mr. Thos. Besserley.
1654, Nov. 7. John Baddeley, son of Ann Baddeley & reported son of Christopher Cosse.
Nov. 9. ———— Congleton, d. of Henry Congleton.
1654, Apr. 19. Margaret, d. of Rich. ?, of Gorstiehill.
Apr. 20. Walter, son of Henry Ackland.
May 15. Frances Whittakers w. of Roger Whittakers.
May 15. Mary Besserley, d. of Mr. Thos. Besserley.
May 16. Robt. Knight, son of Rich. Knight, of Kirnie Hill.
June 5. Hanna Berckes (?), d. of Thos. Berckes.
June 2. Robt. Ownnie, s. of Robt. Onnwinee.
June 8. Joseph Tombinson, s. of Hugh Tombinson.
June 18. Jayne Borne, w. of Thos. Borne.
Aug. 13. Margaret, w. of Raphe Persson, of the Rinehill.
Sept. 20. Margaret, d. of John Onnwine.
[illegible], [illegible] Willm. Stringer.
Folio 2.
1654 (? 1651), Nov. 14. Elizab., d. of Thos. Foster, of Adderley Green.
Dec. 1. Gane, wife of Willm. Cotton.
Dec. 4. Alls (sic), w. of Thos. Bloore, of Buderlea.
Jan. 2. John & Annie Baddeley.
1654, Nov. 7. Raphe Cosse & Margaret Corne.
1654, Nov. 26. Gana (sic), & Maria, d. of Thos. Horton, of Barthomley Green.
Dec. 6. Mary Colliy (sic), d. of Adriyan Colley.
Dec. 4. Mary, d. of John Sharatts, of the Fild.
Dec. 26. Robt., s. of Robt. Corotts, of Rinehill.
Jan. 2. Jane, d. of John Mottershaw, of Balterley Green.
Jan. 9. Robt., s. of Georg Bromley.
1654, Jan. 26. Mary Lawton, d. of Robt. Lunt.
Feb. 9. Margaret, d. of John Tylor, of Nosson (?) Hall.
Feb. 13. Georg Bromley, s. of Robt. Bromley, at the Hall of Balterley (Green ?).
„. Feb. 18. Sara, d. of Roger Browne.
Feb. 27. Robt. Ceriet, s. of Willm. Ceret (sic).
1654, Feb. 20. Steven Lee & Mary Massiy (sic).
certified by Raphe Grayson & John Corne, Churchwardens.
1655, Mar. 27. Mary, d. of John Hough.
May 1. Amy Rayne, the d. of Willm. Rane, of the Rinehill.
May 2. Willm., s. of John Baddeley.
May 13. Abraham, s. of Robt. Steele, of the Buddeley.
May 19. Edward, s. of Raphe Reefe.
June 3. Thos., s. of Raphe Grayson.
Folio 2a.
June 15. Raphe & Anne, s. & dowter of Willm. Bilkine.
July 29. Mary, d. of Dave Jonnes, b. at Thos. Foster’s, of Adderlegrine (sic).
Aug. 21. Mary Egerton, doughter of the Right Worshipful Randul Egerton, Esq.
Sept. 15. Ann Whittingham, d. of Thos. Whittingham.
Oct. 3. Raphe, s. of Raphe Stubes.
John, s. of John Cottle, b. at the Buddilee.
Oct. 13. Raphe Cottle, s. of John Cottle, born.
Oct. 30. Gaine (sic) Waters, d. of Robt. Waters & Alice Agland.
Oct. 25. Sara & Jane, doughters of Davie Edwards, at Teb Green.
Dec. 3. Willm. Goalf, s. of Georg Britt.
Dec. 7. Mary Cosse, d. of Raphe Cosse, born.
1655, Dec. 29. Dorithy, doughter of Thos. Whittakers.
Dec. 30. Thos. Foster & Thos. Foster, of ? Green Gate.
Jan. 11. Egerton Sillitoe.
Jan. 30. Abram Lont, s. of John Lont, of the Buddelie.
,, Feb. 5. Margaret, d. of John Ward, at the Milne End.
Feb. 25. Margeriy, doughter of Thos. Bourne.
Mar. 8. Jane, d. of Raphe More, of the Buddilie.
1655, Nov. 3. Willm. Noden & Margeriy Halpeniy.
Mar. 7. John Beddele & Katherine Carloe.
1655, Mary, d. of Robt. Lawton, show (sic) was buried 7 Ap.
June 12. Sara, w. of Raphe Browne.
„  July 3. Mary, w. of Thos. Whittingam.
Aug. 2. Elizab., d. of Raphe Prowdlove.
Aug. 10. Robt., s. of Robt. Seret.
Sept. 16. Ann, d. of Willm. Brittine.
d. of Thos. Noden b., & she was buried 19 Sept.
Raphe Mate had d. born 4 Oct, buried 19 Oct.
Oct. 26. John, s. of Henry Congleton,
Nov. 14. Frances, w. of Willm. Massiy.
Nov. 21. ————, d. of Dave Edwards.
Jan. 16. ———, s. of Robt. Harding, dwelling in Croft.
Folio 3.

BURILLS. (sic).

Mar. 7. Anne, w. of Raphe Bloore.
1656, Mar. 28. Thos. Borne & Sissiliy (sic) Simon.
1656, Apr. 1. Alis, d. of Neicholes Hille, of Peele Greene.
Apr. 4. Rich., s. of Mr. John Browne, of ————.
Apr. 25. Mary Cosse, d. of Raphe Cosse.
Thos. Boughey had a daughter, born 2 Ap., buried 26 Ap.
July 6. Mary Egerton, doughter of the Right Worshipfull Randal Egerton, Esq., Armiger
July 13. Dorothy, w. of Ran. Barloe.
July 19. Amy, d. of Willm. Rayne, of Wrynehill.
Aug. 23. Mary, w. of Willm. Rayne, of the Riynehill.
Sept. 2. John Baddeley.
Sept. 3. Margaret, w. of Randul Prince.
Aug. 29. Ann, w. of Stafford Ranalls.
Sept. 8. Mary Waters alias Agland.
Raphe Matte had a child, born 15 Oct., buried 16 Oct.
Ann, w. of Raphe Matte, buried 16 Oct.
Nov. 3. Raphe, s. of John Lightfoote.
Jan. 4. Ales, w. of Willm. Howel, of Healley Castle.
1656, Apr. 2. Rich., s. of Thos. Sceret, of the Dene.
Apr. 13. Priscilla, d. of John Poole, of Gorstiehill-lane end.
Apr. 23. Elezabath (sic), d. of John Vigers, of Randul.
Apr. 29. Dudley, son of Robt. Perine, of Weston.
May 14. Amy, d. of Thos. Elles, of the Rinehill.
June 10. Mary, d. of Margarett Piggot & (as is reported) of Daniel Broadhead, at the Hall of Heath in the parish of Barthomley.
[Inserted] Raufe Bloore, s. of Thos. Bloore, of Buddelie, b. 29 July.
July 3. Frances Egerton, d. of the Right Worshipful Randul Egerton, Esq.
Aug. 22. Amy, d. of Wm. Rayne, of the [Wyrne]hill.
Folio 3a.


1656, Sept. 5. Rich., son of Thos. Simon.
Sept. 15. Raphe, s. of John Lightfoote.
Sept. 16. Mary, d. of Robt. Pickerine, of the Buddelie.
Nov. 27. Christian, s. of Rich. Kane.
Jan. 24. Lawrence, s. of Adrayan Colliy (sic), of Engrye (sic) Banck.
Jan. 31. Abraham, s. of Roger Browne.
Jan. 28. Georg., s. of John Unwene.
Feb. 28. Amy, d. of John Hussie.
1656, Feb. 21. Charles Brytten & Isabelle Ranalls.

RALPHE UNWINE, Churchwardens.

1657, Mar. 26. Mary, d. of Hugh Tomlinson.
Apr. 15. Mary, d. of Salonon (sic) Lee.
Apr. 20. ————, s. of John Kause (?).
[illeg.] ————, s. of Thos. Noden.
May 7. Willm., s. of John Sargante.
June 7. Elizabeth Egerton, d. of Right worshipfull Randal Egerton, Esq.
Aug. 8. Thos. s. of Willm. Brytten.
Aug. 9. Mary, d. of Rich. Stenson.
Aug. 18. Raphe, s. of Raphe Case.
Joseph Grub, of the paresh of Betley, in the county of Stafford [? Burial].
June 20. Mary, d. of John Lightfoot.
Folio 4.


1657, Apr. 2. Margaret, w. of Willm. Noden.
Apr. 7. Amy, d. of John Hussiy.
Apr. 18. Margery, w. of Willm. Bradbury.
1657, May 6. Ann, w. of Rich. Edwards.
May 27. Raufe Corne, clarke of the churche.
June 19. Mary, d. of Adrien Lee.
July 31. Margery, w. of John Baddele.
Aug. 2. Doritiy, w. of Thos. Ranalls.
Aug. 24. Ann, w. of Robt. Sceret.
Sept. 11. Raufe Case, s. of Raufe Case.

[On this page is written in a large childish hand:—]

Roben Stud and Tobey Dean born in nuting time. Sara dean his born in coucumber time.

Joseph Dean his A very sober young man and mind the larming Bisnis So that his father dotes him more thin all his Ribbis and sayes that he will buy him a litel horse and he shall ride and up on doben tooe.


Folio 4a.


1st day September. Whereas Thos. Corne son of Raphe Corne of Betley deceased was upon the day and year above written elected and chosen by the inhabitants of the parish of Bettley to be regester of the said parish according to an act of Parliament in that case made and provided and hath taken his oath before me Edward Brette Esq. one of the Justices of the peace for this county of Stafford I do hereby ratify & confirm the said Thos. Corne to be regester for the said parish according to the said act. Witness my hand hereunto the day and year above written.


                Edward Brett.



1657, Sept. 28. Thos. Corne & Alles Falliner.
Oct. 27. Willm. Noden & Allice Snape.
Dec. 28. John Falliner & Annie Corne.
BEARTHS (sic).
1657, Sept. 21. Mary, d. of Thos. Bearsley.
Oct. 31. Randle, s. of Thos. Whittingam.
Nov. 20. Margaret, d. of Willm. Skerrot.
1657, Jan. 13. Mary, d. of Richard Sanders.
Jan. 14. Raphe, s. of Hugh Skerrot.
Jan. 25. Ann, d. of Thos. Woodall, Strad (?) lane.
Feb. 19. Randle, s. of Randle Whittekars.
Feb. 8. Elizab., d. of Edwards Stoubs.
,, Nov. 14. Catherine, d. of Thos. Berchall.
Apr. 23. Willm., s. of Willm. Statham, of Weston.
1658 (sic), May. 2. Elizab., d. of John Timmins. [This entry seems out of date, but contemporaneous.]


These are to certify all those whom it may concern that Willm. Palmer of Betley yeoman and Margerie Hulme of Betley aforesaid widowe were published three several market days at the market cross at Newcastle under Lyme viz : the 8th, 15th, 22nd of Feb. 1657 according to an act of Parliament in that behalf made & provided & no objection made by any person and the said Willm. Palmer & Margerie Hulme were married the 23 Feb. 1657 before me Edward Brett Esq. & one of the justices of the peace for the Countie of Stafford.

(signed) Edward Brett.

Folio 5.


1657, Oct. 3. Rich., son of Thos. Bearchall.
Oct. 20. Elizab. Houlme, of Rinehill.
Nov. 5. Willm. Crosses, son of Fownes.
Nov. 9. Ellnor, w. of Roger Boulton.
Nov. 16. John Timmes.
Nov. 26. Alles, w. of Wm. Pallmer.
Dec. 22. Willm. Shawret.
Dec. 22. Alles Sheriot, of Rinehill.
,, Dec. 31. Raphe, s. of John Corke.
Jan. 12. Mary (? Margery) Mildmaye.
Willm. Tiler had a child & she was buried 17 Jan.
Jan. 28. Elizab., d. of the Right Worshipfull Randle Egerton, Esq.
Jan. 21. Robt. Skereot.
Feb. 25. Mary, d. of John Hussey.
Charles Baxter had a child & he was buried 25 Feb.
1657, Mar. 4. John Corne.
,, Mar. 4. Thos., s. of Edward Corne.
Mar. 6. Jane Lownes, of ————.
Mar. 8. John Corke.
Mar. 11. ———— ? Fosster.
Mar. 4. Dorothy, w. of Robt. Fletcher.
Mar. 15. Guen., w. of Ralphe Lawton.
Apr. 2. John Hugh.
Apr. 15. Thos. Noden.
Apr. 16. Ralph Lawton.
May 8. John Sonders.
May 2. Frances Cooke, d. of John Cooke.
Folio 5a.


1658, Flora Leay & Thos. Donninge were married.
July 1. Raphe Saxton & Ann Mallibey.
July 3. Edward Weshinton & Ann Wilson.
WILLM. PALMER & WILLM. NODEN, churchwardens, 1658.
1658, May 29. Mary, d. of John Boulton.
June 14. Thos., s. of Steven Leay.
June 17. Thos., s. of Thos. Corne.
June 17. John, s. of John Hough.
June 21. Willm., s. of Thos. Skerrot.
Aug. 9. Mary, d. of John Baddeley.
Aug. 13. Sara, d. of Robt. Sillitoe.
Aug. 16. Daniel, s. of Robt. Waters.
Aug. 30. Ellin, d. of Willm. Noden.
Sept. 16. John, s. of John Pallmer
Nov. 20. Elizab., d. of Raphe Cas[se?].
Nov. 16. Margret, d. of Thos. Ellies, of Rinehill.
Dec. 19. Lorrance, s. of John Viggers.
Dec. 28. Randle, s. of John Kettle.
Jan. 23. Willm., s. of Willm. Cross.
Jan. 31. Johnathan (sic) More, born at Rashliymore.
1658, Jan. 6. Garrat Saxon & Elizab. Britten.
Feb. 27. Ottewell Timmes & Ann Boulton.
Folio 6.


1658, May 29. Robt. Grime.
June 7 Stafford Rannalls.
June 20. Ann, w. of Thos. Whittears (?).
July 12. Jane Prowdlove.
July 19. Margrit Berchall.
Robt. Curwin had daughter, borne 23 July, bur. 23 July.
,, Aug. 9. Margret, w. of Ralphe Curwin.
Aug. 18. Ellen, w. of Rich. Berchall.
Sept. l. Margret, w. of Robt. Ounwin.
,, Sept. 13. John Ounwin.
Sept. 13. Ottewell Gulley, of Weston.
Aug. 26. Mary, d. of John Baddiley.
Nov. 1. Allina, d. of Willm. Widdowes.
Nov. 13. Margery, w. of Thos. Bloore, of Buddeleay.
Mar. 4. Willm. Corke.
,, Mar. 25. Hennerrey Lathom.
Apr. 15. Margret, w. of Raphe Norman.
May 4. Thos. Foster.
Folio 6a.


1659, Mar. 6. John, s. of John Hussey.
Apr. 17. Sara, d. of Robert Pickkerin.
May 4. Ellen, d. of John Couper.
May 10. Elizab., d. of Thos. Fosster.
June 2. Ann, d. of Raphe Saxton.
June 16. Elizab., d, of Raphe Saxton & Catherine, his wife.
June 12. Elizab., d. of Randle Prince.
Sept. 13. Elizab., d. of Joseph Bowlley.
Nov. 5. Robt., s. of John Harding.
Dec. 22. Ann, d. of Ottewell Timmies.
1659, Jan. 9. Mary, d. of Thos. Mowrton.
Feb. 8. Ann, d. of Thos. Fownes.
Feb. 8. Garrat, s. of Rich. Mee.
Feb. 13. Sara, d. of Thos. Whittingam.
Feb. 17. Ann, d. of John Boulton.
Apr. 5. Ellen, d. of Hugh Tomkison.
Apr. 7. Elizab., d. of Willm. Pickerin.
Apr. 23. Alles, d. of Edward Stubes.
1659, Nov. 27. Robt. Sondes & Elizab. Lawton.
1665, Nov. 4. Thos. Corne & Jane Stillethe (?).

RAPHE SAXTON (sic), Churchwardens.


Folio 7.


1659, May 17. Margaret Bourggin, wid.
June 29. Thos. Scerrit, of Rinehill.
July 22. Margret, w. of Hugh Foster.
Sept. 7. John Whittekers.
Sept. 27. Willm. Sonders, Rinehill.
Oct. 28. John, s. of John Hussey.
Nov. 3. Elizab., d. of Joseph Weler.
Nov. 17. Margaret Mathew.


1660, Aug. 15. Egerton, s. of Robt. Sillito.
Oct. 2. Mary, d. of John Cooke.
Jan. 30. Robt., s. of John Harding.
Feb. 8. Robt., s. of Rich. Browne.
1665 (sic), Apr. 10. Thos. Batton.


1660, May 5. Thos., s. of Robt. Oun[win???]
June 4. Thos., s. of Mr. Thos. Beansley.
June 14. . Thos., s. of Mr. Rich. Henson.
July 7. Ann, d. of Rich. Waters.
Aug. 17. Robt., s. of John Sherrot.
1660, Sept. 15. Mary, d. of John Pallmer.
Sept. 26. Willm., s. of Willm. Skerrot.
Oct. 19. Willm., s. of Willm. Noden.
Nov. 22. Thos., s. of Willm. Jolly.

Folio 7a.


1661, Dec. 3. Jane, d. of John Steenson.
1661/2, Jan. 23. John, s. of Garrat Gaxson [for Jackson].
Feb. 10. Joseph, s. of Joseph Corne.
,, Jan. 29. John, s. of Randle Prince.
Feb. 24. Ann, d. of John Smith.
Mar. 7. Joseph, s. of Raphe Moore
Mar. 13. John, s. of Raphe Saxton (& Ann, his wife).
May 19. Willm., s. of Robt. Waters.
June 3. Martha, d. of Raphe Stubes.
Aug. 30. John, s. of John Harding.
Sept. 27. Mary, d. of Robt. Couper.
,, Dec. 9. Sara, d. of Raphe Cosse.
1662, May 27. Willm., s. of Rich. Are.
June 22. John, s. of John Smith.
Aug. 6. Robt., s. of Robt. Latham.
Aug. 27. Mary, d. of Robt. Sorders.
July 6. John, s. of John Baddeley.
Aug. 3. Samuel, s. of Raphe Saxton (& Catherine, his wife).
[Georg, the Sun of George.]

Folio 8.


1661, Apr. 12. Ann, d. of John Smith.
Apr. 28. Rich. Noden.
May 23. Gorge Couper.
May 23. Alles, w. of Willm. Britten.
July 6. Mary, w. of Robt. Couper.
July 11. Ellin, d. of Raphe Corne.
Aug. 29. John Stinson.
Oct. 28. Raphe Mate.
Nov. 3. John Coraw.
1661/2, Jan. 29. Willm. Widdous.
Mar. 30. Quinton, s. of Thos. Tourner.


1662, July 19. Ellin, w. of Raphe Saxton.
July 22. Robt. Latham.
Sept. 8. Ann, w. of Willm. Shargant (sic).


[On this page is written:] Willm. Swenerton & Raphe, his sun (sic). Bribers, 1795.

Folio 8a [is blank].


Folio 9 [this page in Latin].



1662, Nov. 25. Frances [erased] Sara [over-written] Tomkinson fa. Hugo Tomkinson.
Dec. 27. Sara fa. Ottiwell Timmis.
Dec. 29. Benjamin fi. Joseph Corne.
,, Jan. 14. Ales fa. Thos. Corne, Wrinehill.
[erased] 10. Steven fi. Randle Price.


1662, Dec. 2. Jane ux. John Sargant.
Dec. 9. Ann ux. Willm. Finey.
„ [1663 added], Jan.8. Rad. fi. John Knight.


1662, Nov. 4. James Morris & Cath. fa. Henry Vigors.
Jan. 18. Randle Green & Mary Corne[, pa]rish of Audley.


1663, Apr. 20. Ellin fa. Thos. Whittingam.
Apr. 23. Frances fa. Thos. Corne.
Apr. 30. Amy fa. John Pallmer.
July 19. Willm. fi. Francis Turner.
Aug. 4. Thos. fi. Rad. Saxon.
Sept. 19. Gray fi. Thos. Benerley, gent.
Jan. 23. Rich. fi. John Harding.
1663, Mar. 8. Ann fa. Robt. Pickerin de Buddelee in parochia de Barthomley.
Mar. 10. Steven fi. Randle Price.


1663, Feb. 28. Samuel Taylor & Elizab. Wright.
,, Mar. 20. Willm. Unwin & Mary Saxon.
—— — Willm. Brittayne, the elder, & Anne———— were married.

Folio 9a.


1663, Apr. 26. Margaret Stevenson.
May 13. Robt. Cowper.
June 30. Hugh Sergeant.
,, June 29. Martha, d. of Rich. Blackhurst.
July 19. Mary, d. of Rich. Blackhurst.
Jan. 8. Ralph, s. of John Knight.
,, Feb. 10. Jhoane Saunders, wid.


1663, May 20. Thos. Corne & Alice Wright.
Feb. 7. John Knight & Ann Cradock.




A.D. 1664.

1664, Apr. 12. John, s. of John Knight, bapt.
June 24. John, s. of Robt. Latham, bapt.
June 30. Willm., s. of Robt. Saunders, of Rhynehill, bapt.
June 12. John, s. of John Harding, buried.
July 28. Catheryne Morton, bur.
Aug. 6. Rich. Horton, bur.
Aug. 4. Robt., s. of Robt. Agland, bapt.
Sept. 4. Jane, d. of Thos. Browne, bapt.
Sept. 25. Helen, w. of Nathanl. Blore, bur.
Sept. 12. Thos., s. of Willm. Corne, bapt.
1664, Oct. 29. Egerton, s. of John Harding, bapt.
Oct. 23. Thos., s. of Catherine ————, bapt.
—— — Robt. Barton & Margaret ————, m.
Oct. 17. ————, s. of Ralphe Coarse, bapt.
—— — Helen Blore, w. of Nathanl., w. buried [this erased].
Nov. 3. Jane, d. of Thos. & Jane Corne, bapt.
—— — John, s. of Willm. Unwyn, bapt.
Jan. 3. John, s. of Edward Stubbs, bapt.
Jan. 22. ———— Reyson, s. of John, bapt.
„  Jan. 30. Henry Vigors, bur.
1665, Apr. 23. Anne, d. of Joseph Corne, bapt.
Apr. 23. Dorothy, d. of Randolph Prince, bapt.
—— — Ann, w. of Edward Stubbs, bur.
May. 20. Amy, d. of John Palmer, bur.
—— — John, s. of Edward Stubbs, bapt.
May 26. Ralph Blore, bur.
—— — John, s. of Edward Stubbs, bur.
May 20. Robt. Sillitoe.
——— Margaret, d. of John Snape, bur.
Nov. 14. Catherine, d. of Willm. Noden [? bapt.].
1665/6, Jan. 1. Willm. Corne, bur.
Jan. 31. Willm. Corke & Mary Bromer, m.
Jan. 29. John, s. of Willm. Corne, bapt.
Feb. 14. Francis Harrington, bur.
Feb. 27. Jane, d. of Thos. Amery, bapt.
Feb. 28. Thos., s. of Henry Smith, bapt.
Mar. 24. Daniel, s. of John Astbury, bapt.

Folio 10.


1666. May 1. Mary, d. of Thos. Corne.
May 1. Ann, d. of James Morris.
July 24. Joseph, s. of John Knight.
Aug. 11. Willm., s. of Willm. Sergeant.
Sept. 9. Anne, d. of Ralph Cocey.
Sept. 11. Mary, d. of Thos. Browne.
1666, Sept. 23. Mary, d. of Joseph Corne.
Oct. 2. Willm., s. of Rich. Eare.
Oct. 8. Hugh, s. of Ann. Hassall.
Oct. 25. Jane, d. of Willm. Unwin.
Dec. 11. Mary, d. of William Brittain, senior, & Mary, his wife.
Dec. 17. Michael, s. of John Ball, a stranger.
Jan. 8. Elizab. & Ann, twins of ———— Blore & ————, his wife.
Feb. 2. Rich. fi. Willm. & Elizab. Corke.
Lacarie Rewe, of Betley, in this year.





1666, Apr. 12. Joan, w. of Robt. Fletcher.
May 11. Jane, w. of Thos. Corne.
June 8. Will., s. of John Corne.
July 20. Lawrence Tamys.
June 26 (sic). Robt. Harding.
Aug. 26. George Pool.
Oct. 12. Anne, d. of Ralph Cocey.
Oct. — An infant of Ellen Bickerton, bur.
Nov. 5. Mary Cartwright, virgin, bur.
Dec. 25. Michael, s. of Georg. Ball, a stranger.


1666, Dec. 15. Willm. Bowers & Ellen Houghton.


1666, May 31. Willm., s. of Willm. Corne & Mary, his wife.
[One line illegible and rubbed.]
[date rubbed], John, s. of Henry Smith & Helen, his wife.
Sept. 22. John, s. of Thos. & Alice Corne.
Sept. 26. Ruth, d. of Hugh & Mary Tomkinson.
Oct. 27. Willm., s. of John & Amy Palmer.
Oct. — Samuel, s. of John & Mary Wilkinson.
Nov. 20. Mary, d. of Thos. & Joan Podmore.
1666, Dec. 3. Mary fa. Ralph & Amy Saxon. .
Dec. 27. Sarah, d. of Willm. & Alice Corne.
Georg., s. of Thos. Salt & ———, his wife.
[One line erased.]

Folio 10a.

1663 [much rubbed here], 26. ———— [John]son, sepultus fuit.
[much rubbed here], 23. ———— ———— sepultus fuit.
[much rubbed here], 30. ———— ———— sepultus fuit.
June — Ricardus Blackhurst, sepultus fuit.
[much rubbed here], Rdllulphus Blackhurst; sepultus fuit.
July 8. John Knight, sepultus fuit.


1663, May 20. ——— ——— and Ales Knight.
—— 17. ——— ——— and ——— Craddock, parish de Auley.


1667, Mar. [no date. ] Isabella Wood.
May 14. Mary, w. of Willm. Twalmley.
May 31. Willm. Corne, senior, of Slade gate.
—— — ————Wright.
Sept. 26 (?). ———, d. of Thos. Corne de Pinfold.
Sept. 21. Richard Barlow.
Oct. 2. Jane fa. Rad. Saxon.
Oct. 11. Jane, w. of Georg. Salt.
Oct. 16. Georg. Bate.
Nov. 21. John, s. of Willm. Corne.


1667, July 15. Mary fa. Rich. Steele, min.


1667, May 28. Robt. Rowley de Audley & Elizab. Bruerton de Barthomley.
Sept. 16. Thos. Corne de Pinfold & Margery Cumberbatch de Wrynehill.

Folio 11.


1668, July 8. Thos. fi. Thos. Corne, of Pinfold, & Margery, his wife.
Feb. 16. Rich., son of Rich. & Margaret Babington, min.
Sept. 6. Rich. fi. Rich. Steele, Min.


1668, Feb. 19. Georg. Grey & Catherine Saxon.
Feb. 19. John Garret de Audley & Margerie Saxon.
„ [altered to 1669], Mar. 26. Thos. Corne & Mary Blore.


1669, July 6. Mary fa. Willm. & Mary Corne.
July 14. Zacary fi. Thos. Moorton.
Aug. 28. Willm. fi. Roger Whittaker & A[lice?] , ux.
1670. Feb. — Samuel fi. ——— Johnson.
[Erased entirely] John Barnet & Jane Hildich.

Folio 11a.

1669, Dec. 10 Ann fa. John Hardinge.
Dec. 26. Mary fa. Georg. Gray.
Jan. 1. John fi. Rich. Steele, min.
Jan. 25. Catherine fa. Robt. Lawton.
Jan. 29. Thos. fi. Thos. Browne.
Feb. 15. Thos. fi. Willm. Brittaine.
Mar. 22. Dorothea fa. Georg. Gabb.
,, Mar. 29. Schrmuel (sic) fi. Rad. Saxon, junr.
Mar. 25. John fi. John Stubs & Ann, ux.
1670, May 2. Isabella fa. Thos. Salt.
May 2. Henry fi. John Vigars.
May 18. Thos. fi. John Poole.
Nov. 30. John fi. Rad. & Eliz. Corn.
Dec. 20. John fi. Rich. Babington, mini.
Dec. 28. Mary fa. Willm. Unwin.
1670/1, Jan. 14. John fi. Thos. Richardson.
Feb. 20. Samuel fi. John & Eliza Jonson.
1670/1, Mar. 24. John Barnes & Jane Hildich de Betley.

Folio 12


1671, May 9. Thos. fi. Robt. Gauden de Wrynehill & Elizab. his wife.
July 29. Jacobus fi. Jacobus & Catherine Morris.
Sept. 3. Mary fa. Ottiwell Timmis.
Sept. 5. Martha fa. Georg. Grey.
Nov. 2. John fi. John Hodgkisson.
Jan. 6. John fi. Willm. Corne.
Jan. 7. Anna fa. John Cattwood (?).
Mar. 15. Anna fa. Willm. Brittayne.
Mar. 18. Rich. Lee, sepult.
Mar. 20. Anna fa. Abraham Delves.
Feb. 22. Ivan Hartley, sepult.
Mar. 16. John Pigot, sepult.

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