Sources for Betley history

Betley St. Margaret's Parish Registers - Guide to Index of Surnames

St. Margaret's, Betley

To find all entries recorded in the Betley Registers from 1538 to 1812 which contain a mention of a particular surname, first select the relevant group of surnames from the alphabetical list to see all the register entries for surnames in that group, arranged in date order under each surname, e.g.

surname year month/day complete entry event
Abbots 1772 Apr. 17. Jane, d. of Joshua & Jane Abbots, b. Mar. 29.


Abnet 1550 Sept. 30. John Donop & Elena Abnet.


Ackland 1619 Nov. 14. Rich. Waters alias Ackland & Margaret Sinderlande.


Ackland 1621 June 28. Robt. Ackland & Maria Bloore.


Ackland 1654 Apr. 20. Walter, son of Henry Ackland.


Acland 1549 Mar. 20. Walter Acland.


Symbols are used in the right-hand column to identify events as follows:

*  birth     x  baptism     =   marriage     +  burial

Note: The entries in the original registers and in the1916 printed edition do not occur strictly in date order, as at some times all events are recorded in one composite register and at other times there are separate registers for baptisms/births, marriages and deaths/burials. My surname search arranges all entries in strict date order, quoting dates exactly as shown in the registers.