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St Margaret's, Betley

Appendix II



A.D. 1635—1725.


BETLEY, com. Staffs.


This measures 18 X 4 inches, on paper bound in parchment, and begins: —

Page I [Copy].

This booke was bought by Edmunde Hunt and John Palmer Churchwardens of Betley Anno Domini 1635.

Page 2 [Copy].

Be it remembered That on every plowgate that is in Betley parish due to the Clerk at every Easter 4d every householder at Easter 2d.




 Page 3 [Copy].

The true and perfect accounte of Edmunde Hunt and John Palmer Churchwardens for the parish of Betley Anno Domini 1635.


s. d.

Imprimis for their receiptes there was a Lowne* [This means a rate.] laid the 28th day of Januarie by Robert Cowper Ralphe Saxon Thomas Burrowes William Bryttan William Corne William Saunders and William Massey. The sume of the said lewne remetted unto


3 3 6

Item the seconde lewne collected ? to the same time

3 3 6


Sum total


6 7 0

Their disbursementes now follow, viz. :—

Imprimis payde for bread and wyne for the Comunion against Whitsuntyde

0 0 3

Item payde to James Porter for a hedgehogge


Item Spent at the Visitation houlden at Carswall the 22nd Oct. for a book of articles and fees to the Courte

5 6

Item payde to Randull Smith for a Cover for the font & mending the oulde one & for carriage of it to & from the Church

6 4

Item paid for plates for the oulde Cover


Item paid for two Fynnes for the Coshion & for feathers for the same

2 6

Item paid to Richarde Stepleton for making the bottome of the Coshion for the pulpitt

0 6

Item payde to the Ringers the fyfte of November

4 6

Item for candlelight payde then

0 2

Item paid for a new bell rope & one peas (?) rope for the Clocke

3 0

Item paid our Clerke his wages this yeare

1 1 4

Item payde for breade & wine for the comunion the seconde tyme

2 6

Item payde to a Collection or Briefe before Mr Hulme our minister for our discharge


Item payde to Roger foster for divers workes & them that did helpe


Item payde to John Tomkin that money that the parish was indebted to him upon his last Acct

11 10

Item payde to William Brookes for mending our Clocke

2 6

Item payde to Raphe Barlow for his work about the Church & two poles

5 6

Item payde to John Lawton for lyme


Item payde to Raphe Corne for nayles


Item payde to Alice Howell for sweepinge the Church this yeare


Item to the two Churchwardens for their labour & paynes foure dayes about the helpinge forwardes the Church-workes


Page 4 [Copy]. 1635.

Item payde for the repairinge of our Church the glasse windowes and breathes in the same


Item payde for making our first Lewen [rate] book


Item payde to Henrie Cawse for dressinge the Churchyarde this yeare


Item payde for wrytinge of all our disbursements this yeare layde forth at severall tymes


Item John Palmer called before the Justices to the Newcastle his expenses


Item Edmunde Hunt for goinge oure to the Visitation with the oulde Church wardens and to the first inquisition paying for the hyringe of his horse twyse

1 4

Item the saide Edmunde Hunt for going to the Inquisition before the Lorde Bishop and other iustices at Stafforde

2 4

Item payde for his horse hyred the same journey


Item payde for mendinge the Church bookes

1 6

Item payde for making a Lewne booke the seconde


Item payde for 3 quarts of wine & two loaves of bread for the Comunion upon Palm Sunday

2 2

Item payde for one quart of wine & one loafe for the Comunion upon Good Friday


Item payde for foure quarts of wine & two loaves for the Comunion on Easter Day

2 10

Item payde for a Register booke for the parishe

8 9

—— for another bell rope

2 6

Item spent at the last Visitation at Carswall the fyfte day of May 1636 the oulde Ch wardens & the new Ch wardens with the Minister fees to the Court for expedition


Item paid for a book of account

2  6

Item for hyre of a horse for the Ch wardens to the Visitation


Item in expenses payde

1 2

Item paid for wrytinge this our account & casting the same & drafting up of our lewne book

1 6

Item spent at the Inquisition at Carssall before the Lord Bishop [and the Justices crossed out]

1 2

Item payde for the hyre of a horse to go the same time


Item payde for a locke for the Church yarde gate


Item payde for writing this our account into this booke and ruling of this booke


Recd. of Thos. Burrowes for the Ladies Egerton


Recd. of Thos. Burrowes that he was behind with the parishe ?

3   6

Note these finish we have paid over to Raphe Saxon the new Churchwarden

6 3 6

Recd. of lewnes besydes the same money .... of Thomas Burrowes payd out & disbursed

6 5 8

Page 5 [blank].

Page 6 [blank],

Page 7.

Raphe Saxon & John Corne Chwardens 1636.

[Extracts only.]

Inprimis given to two poore women that came forth of Scotland & travelled towards London with a pass for relief the 5th of May


Item given the 4th of July by the consent of Mr. Houlme & others of the prishe to a scholar that would have preached that day

3 4

Page 11.

Thomas Wittingam & Ed. Corne Chwardens 1637.

Item given to a Mennester that was in want in his journey Robert Hardinge beeing bye



Page 12.

Item payd to Mr. Thickins for Brickes too mend the belhouse floore with

8 0

Item payde for the carriage the brickes from Mr. Thickenes to the Church

2 6


Page 13.

Item payd for the glassing the School house

1 6

Page 15.

Robert Cowper & William Massey Ch wardens.

1638. Page 17.

Item paid to Dutton of the Wyche for mending the table concerning those which have been benefactors to our church & poore


Page 19.

Item spent in going unto the lord by shope the third tyme with the table according to his lordships command being three persons, spend upon our horses & selves the wedder so foule that we could come home soo soone as we erspe to .... for an order


11 4

Item before we sett forthe in beare & meate for Raue (?) & upon the waye to make him to drinke going thither


And geven such to him for to eat & drink coming home for he could but weary to Stableford that night

Item spent on him at his coming home with the table to be honge ... so foule wett


Page 21. 1638.

Item to the Clark & Ringers for Ringing & randleling ? for the fifth day of Nov.


Item. to Thos. Lees for making & filling up Sa pitt in Mr. Thickens grounds for sawing tymber that came to the Steeple

1 0

Item given to William Knight for carrying five horse loads of tymber ? for the steeple from Oleaton? [crossed out and] Mr. Thickens [added]

1 6

Item paid to William Knight for carrying same loads of timber from Mr. Thickens


Item to Mr. Thickens for timber for the steeple

2 14 8

Item for more timber paid unto him

Page 22. 1639.

Wee did demand the 20s. due out of Audley tithes of the Ladies Egerton for the Reparation of our churche butt it was not paid unto us for this year nor not yet …. nor any part of the arrears due in Sir Raphe Egerton’s tyme which was made promise of did amount unto Sixteen pounds behind & unpaid before bishoppe Wriggle (?) by us & others of the parish





Page 23.

Item given to a Marchant & his Company that had sustained great losses & had libertie to have a gathering in the Church

2 0

Item to a poore man who had a certificate from the Sessions of the burning of his house

2 0


1641. John Houghe & William Noden, Chwardens.
1649. Raphe Saxon & Richard Low, Chwardens.
1650. Thomas Whittingham & Roger Dale, Chwardens.
For Ringing the Curfew.

Page 31. 1650.

Item for ringing of the curfew

0 6 0

[There is nothing till 1654, and nothing of special interest in 1649.]


For allso [qy. sold] by us the furniture of the Church. The Communion Cupe & senser with the Scarlet & linen coverings for the [fine] table & a linen Censor case for the Scarlet Coeshion. Also Rec. two Great bookes the one Bishope Juell & Hardinge the paraphrase [the other] of Erasmus upon the four Evangelists of the Gospel & the Actes? *

*[In 1663 the furniture of the Church was restored, and there was a Cope in addition to the above articles. The word Cope in the Accounts is altered later to Cloak.]

April 17, 1655.

These accounts were scene & all allowed by us

John Kelsall, Curate,

John Hough,

George Salte,

Raphe Lawton,

Will Knight,

Thomas Whitingam,

and now delivered all these last mentoned things to the succeeding Chwardens.

Page 41. 1655.

Paid for drawing of a catalogue of the names of the parishioners of Betley when ye Collection for ye prodistants in Savoye was & for making of a letter unto Henry Snobell the Clarke of his Highness Counsall for the same purpose the sum of


0 0 6

Page 59. April the 26th day, 1661.

Item received of widow Batton for the burial of her husband in the Church

0 3 4

Item received of Thomas Butterton for the burial of his mother in the Church

0 3 4

Page 49.

to Raphe Noden for a ballthorpe

2 6

Page 67.

Repairing the pulpit & font

10 0

Spent when we bargained

0 6

And when we finished

1 0

Payde to the Chancellor for his fees at the Visitation at Stafford.

Page 67. 1663.

Imprs. To the parater for bringing the Comunion Book & his fees

0 4 0

Spent on him the same time


Paide to those that went to Stafford about the Steeple

2 9 11

Paide for ourselves & the old Church wardens & our horses being at Stafford three days

19 0

Spent as we came home

1 0

To the Parrater for the Kings Majesty’s letter

3 0

For Cloath for the surplice

1 16 10

For makeing the surplice

10 0

For thrid for the surplice

1 0

For one going to Newcastle for the cloth


For washing the surplice

1 0

For sweeping & brushing the Church

0 0 6

For painting the pulpit

0 16 0

For one goeing twice to Keele to fech a surplice

0 0 6

Given to two Gentlewomen that came out of Ireland

1 0

Spent at Cariswall on o'selves & new Chwardens

9 8


Page 71.

The accounts of William ffinney & Raphe Stubs, Chwardens,

Ano 1664.

  s. d.

Imprs. To Mr. Clerke for preaching & spent

0 10 8

To William Brittin for his horse to Carswall

1 0

To the High Constable for maimed soulders

9 0

To Mr. Clawley for preaching [there are several of these entries]

10 0

Spent at that time


For two Keys for the Church


Spent on Mr. Hill


To the parater for four proclamations

1 6

Bread & wine for the Comunion

2 6

For a chayne to hang the covering of the Font


For an Hower glass


For writeing in the Registers

1 0

Raphe Saxon & John Wilkinson.

Page 8l. 1666.

To an oulde soldier of both the Kinges who came from Barbatus


My coson Saltes & my charges & our horses going to Carswall to mete Mr. Thickness at the Courte

3 10

for an order from the Justices to remove Tonkins ? wife’s sister 6d spent then at Newcastle for somoning of Mr. Thicknes Will Jolie & Richard Browne


The Steward tor entering Will Jolie 3d & for judgment agst him 4d


above Received from [Mr. altered to] Esq Thicknes.

Page 79.

for lead that Will ffines let him have

7 6

Page 112. 1676.

Paid Mr Beech for copying out the Booke of three years Register & our presentment

2 8

Page 113.

The furniture belongingeing to the Churche are these as follows

first The Communion Cup Censer & Jugge the Scarlet & linen Covering for the Table.

Item The Church Bible & service Books & the two great bookes the one Bishop Jewels Apology for the Church of England against Harding & the other the Paraphrase of Erasmus on the four Evangelists and the Acts.


Page 218.

1715 To the Ringers upon the coronation of King George

1 0

Gunpowder treason

5 0

More for the Victory at Preston

2 6

[On the back of the last page.]


"George Salte in the yeare 1704 did at his own cost & charges Build a new Pue In Betley Church over against Esqr Thicknessis Chansell and it wholly belongs to him & his Heares for Ever which hee layed to his land [for ever This was Mr Thicknesses passage*]." [There is nothing else on the page. There is still (1915) a passage pew which enables the owners of the Chapel or Chancel to get out of their door in the screen into the middle aisle of the Church.]

[*The words in brackets in a different hand (see Introduction)].

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