Sources for Betley history

Population Data

Population Data Introduction

1086 Domesday Book

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (alphabetical list)

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (original source)

1332/3 Subsidy Roll

1606/7 Alehouse Keepers

Rentals, Wrinehill

1640 Staffordshire muster

1717 Sittings in Betley Church

1841-1901 Census

1846 Betley Tithe Award and Map

Rentals, Wrinehill

Various documents, including rentals, can be found in the collection of Wilton Papers (of the Egerton family of Wrinehill), held at Greater Manchester County Record Office; ref: DDEg.

The Wilton Papers catalogue is available from Greater Manchester County Record Office.

The contents of this collection are listed under unpublished private papers in my bibliography.