Sources for Betley history

Population Data

Population Data Introduction

1086 Domesday Book

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (alphabetical list)

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (original source)

1332/3 Subsidy Roll

1606/7 Alehouse Keepers

Rentals, Wrinehill

1640 Staffordshire muster

1717 Sittings in Betley Church

1841-1901 Census

1846 Betley Tithe Award and Map

Subsidy Roll 6 Ed. III (1332/3)

The Staffordshire muster of A.D. 1640, publication date unknown (17th C?)

Part of muster roll , Offlow and Pirehill Hundreds. About 75-85 names.

William Salt Library (WSL), Stafford, Salt Deeds Pearson No. 165.

The text of this document is very faint.