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1086 Domesday Book

Tenants of the Audleys, 1298 (alphabetical list)

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (original source)

1332/3 Subsidy Roll

1606/7 Alehouse Keepers

Rentals, Wrinehill

1640 Staffordshire muster

1717 Sittings in Betley Church

1841-1901 Census

1846 Betley Tithe Award and Map

IPM 27 E I AD 1298-9 No. 46

Writ of diem clausit extremum on death of Nicholas de Aldithele

List of tenants of Betley, 1298

This is a transcript of the original source;
see also my conversion to alphabetical order of tenants' names

Also he held at Betteleye two-thirds of the vill of a certain Henry de Betteleye, in exchange for certain tenements in Hatteshall and Bedenhale in co. Chester, none of which are in demesne; but there are there two-thirds of two water mills, one of which is called Bodiley mulne and the other Gulnerdene mulne, which two-thirds are worth 40s. yearly. There is a certain lake the profit worth yearly 6s. 8d. There are also there… s. 10d. of the rent of burgage tenants in the same vill; viz., from Wm. de Thicknesse for one burgage, 20d; from John de Blore, one burgage, 2s. 7d; Wm., son of Gregory, two burgages, 6s.10d; Ric. Skeyl, one burgage, 3s. 8d; Stephen le Corveyser, one burgage, 2s. 7d; Peter Noy, one and a half burgages, 2s.10d. , ; Thomas de Thicknesse, twenty-two acres of land, 2s. 7d; Wm. atte Wode, three and a half acres of land, 14d; Wm. le Throwere, one and a half burgages, 3s 2d; Hy. de Thicknesse, one plot of land, 26d; Ric. de Thicknesse, for same, 26d; Arnald de Bodiley, six acres of land, 3s. 6d; Wm. le Naylare, one burgage, 17d; Wm. le Dobbesone, two burgages, 17d; John, son of Hugh de Haukleye, one burgage, 18d; Hugh Lovetsone, one burgage, 2s. 9d; John de Browenage, one plot of land, 23d; Ric. le Wenche, half acre, 2d; Alicia de Granehunger, one and a half burgages, 3s. 8d; Geoffrey But, one messuage , 2s. 8d; John atte Bache, one burgage, 3s; Adam de Godwineleye , one messuage, 18d; Alice le Goldsmith, one messuage and an acre, 7d; Adam, son of Hugh de Hanley, one burgage, 3s. 2d; Hy., son of Edith, one messuage, 12d; Thos. le Gardiner, one burgage and two acres, 20d; John, son of Anca, half a burgage, 17d; Dobba, son of Richard, one burgage, 18d; Hy. le Mouner, one messuage, 5d; David le Rede, one messuage, 4d; Ric. le Marescall, two burgages, 4s. 2d; Roger, son of Reginald, one rood, 3d; Ric., son of Robert, half a burgage, 6d; Thos. Payn, one plot of land, 4d; Adam, son of Robert, one messuage, 12d; Adam Coleman, one messuage, 3s. 6d; Thos. de Bertomleye, one burgage, 20d; Wm. Arewesmyth, one rood of land, 3d; Hy. Hosewef, one messuage, 4d; Wm., son of Thomas, one plot of land, 6d; Hugh, son of Peter, one burgage, 2s. 7d; Madoc, for half an acre of land, 2d; Nic. Arewesmyth, half an acre of [l]and, 7d; Wm. le Blake, one burgage, 14d; Ric. de Wryme, one curtilage, 6d; Adam le Tayllour, one plot of land, 13d; Thos. le Fevere, one messuage, 4d; Wm., son of Ranulph, one plot, 10d; John Attefelde, one and a half acres, 10d; Stephen, son of Edy, one plot, 1d; Adam le Peccher, one plot, 2d; Alkoc le Chacepol (Catchpole), one rood, 1d; Ric. Kaudrey, one burgage, 2d; Wm. le Corveyser, one messuage, 16d; Reginald le Melemaker, one messuage, 1d; Ralph de Bolyleye, one messuage, 3s. 4d; Wm. de Bolyleye, one burgage, 22d; Thos. le Soltare, one messuage, 2d; Peter Dobbeson, one messuage, 8d; Henry de la Haye, one messuage, 11d; Pavya, widow of Walt. le Naylare, one plot, 6d; Dobba, dau. of Julia, half a burgage, 6d; Emma la Souster, one messuage, 2d; Wm. le Hunt, half a burgage, 16d; William [son of Wm. le Hunt], one plot, 6d; Ric. de Wryme, one acre, 3d; Alyna, widow of Adam, one messuage, 1d; Alice, widow of John le Arwesmyth, one plot, 2d; Juliana de Bernestone, one messuage, 4d; Hy. Kay, one messuage, 10d; Ric. le Blomare, half a rood, d; Rob. de Monilaye, half a rood, d; Roger Ketil, one shop, 1d; Wm., son of Hugh, one shop, 1d; Jordan le Fevere, one messuage, 6d; Roger Gotegod, one messuage, 3d; Agnes de Lek, one plot, d; John, son of the Clerk, half a rood, d; Ely de Baltedereleye, one messuage, 3d; John le Walshe, , 2s. 9d; Ric. le Arewesmyth, half a rood, 1d; Honde Houpany, one messuage, 3d; Wm. de Wryme, one messuage, 14d; Nicholas de Hordelake, one messuage, 4d; Hy. de Sproustone, one messuage and half acre, 4d; and these rents are payable at the feast of St. Michael and at the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary by equal portions; and no other service is due for the same, except two appearances yearly at the Court.

The pleas and perquisites of the Court are worth yearly 6s. 8d.

Total 7 18s. 1d.

[Collections for a History of Staffordshire Vol XI (New Series), 1908, p.248-249]

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