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Population Data

Population Data Introduction

1086 Domesday Book

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (alphabetical list)

1298 Tenants of the Audleys (original source)

1332/3 Subsidy Roll

1606/7 Alehouse Keepers

Rentals, Wrinehill

1640 Staffordshire muster

1717 Sittings in Betley Church

1841-1901 Census

1846 Betley Tithe Award and Map

Tenants of the Audleys, 1298

[This is my conversion to alphabetical surname order. NB: the order of the names in the original source document may have some significance]

Alyna, widow of Adamone messuage1d.
John, son of Ancahalf a burgage17d.
Nic. Arewesmythhalf an acre of [l]and7d.
Ric. le Arewesmythhalf a rood1d.
Wm. Arewesmythone rood of land3d.
Alice, widow of John le Arwesmythone plot2d.
John Attefeldeone and a half acres10d.
John atte Bacheone burgage3s.
Ely de Baltedereleyeone messuage3d.
Juliana de Bernestoneone messuage4d.
Thos. de Bertomleyeone burgage20d.
Wm. le Blakeone burgage14d.
Ric. le Blomarehalf a roodd.
John de Bloreone burgage,2s. 7d.
Arnald de Bodileysix acres of land3s. 6d.
Ralph de Bolyleyeone messuage3s. 4d.
Wm. de Bolyleyeone burgage22d.
John de Browenageone plot of land23d.
Geoffrey Butone messuage 2s. 8d.
Alkoc le Chacepol (Catchpole)one rood1d.
John, son of the Clerkhalf a roodd.
Adam Colemanone messuage3s. 6d.
Stephen le Corveyserone burgage2s. 7d.
Wm. le Corveyserone messuage16d.
Peter Dobbesonone messuage8d.
Wm. le Dobbesonetwo burgages17d.
Hy., son of Edithone messuage12d.
Stephen, son of Edyone plot1d.
Jordan le Fevereone messuage6d.
Thos. le Fevereone messuage4d.
Thos. le Gardinerone burgage and two acres20d.
Adam de Godwineleye one messuage18d.
Alice le Goldsmithone messuage and an acre7d.
Roger Gotegodone messuage3d.
Alicia de Granehungerone and a half burgages3s. 8d.
Wm., son of Gregorytwo burgages6s.10d.
Henry de la Hayeone messuage11d.
Nicholas de Hordelakeone messuage4d.
Hy. Hosewefone messuage4d.
Honde Houpanyone messuage3d.
Wm., son of Hughone shop1d.
Adam, son of Hugh de Hanleyone burgage3s. 2d.
John, son of Hugh de Haukleyeone burgage18d.
Wm. le Hunthalf a burgage16d.
William [son of Wm. le Hunt]one plot6d.
Dobba, dau. of Juliahalf a burgage6d.
Ric. Kaudreyone burgage2d.
Hy. Kayone messuage10d.
Roger Ketilone shop1d.
Agnes de Lekone plotd.
Hugh Lovetsoneone burgage2s. 9d.
Madocfor half an acre of land2d.
Ric. le Marescalltwo burgages4s. 2d.
Reginald le Melemakerone messuage1d.
Rob. de Monilayehalf a roodd.
Hy. le Mounerone messuage5d.
Pavya, widow of Walt. le Naylareone plot6d.
Wm. le Naylareone burgage17d.
Peter Noyone and a half burgages2s.10d.
Thos. Paynone plot of land4d.
Adam le Peccherone plot2d.
Hugh, son of Peterone burgage2s. 7d.
Wm., son of Ranulphone plot10d.
David le Redeone messuage4d.
Roger, son of Reginaldone rood3d.
Dobba, son of Richardone burgage18d.
Adam, son of Robertone messuage12d.
Ric., son of Roberthalf a burgage6d.
Ric. Skeylone burgage3s. 8d.
Thos. le Soltareone messuage2d.
Emma la Sousterone messuage2d.
Hy. de Sproustoneone messuage and half acre4d.
Adam le Tayllourone plot of land13d.
Hy. de Thicknesseone plot of land26d.
Ric. de Thicknesse[one plot of land]26d.
Thomas de Thicknessetwenty-two acres of land2s. 7d.
Wm. de Thicknesseone burgage,20d.
Wm., son of Thomasone plot of land6d.
Wm. le Throwereone and a half burgages3s 2d.
John le Walshe2s. 9d.
Ric. le Wenchehalf acre2d
Wm. atte Wodethree and a half acres of land14d.
Ric. de Wrymeone curtilage6d.
Ric. de Wrymeone acre3d.
Wm. de Wrymeone messuage14d.

[based on data from CHS Vol XI (New Series), 1908, p.248-249]

[cf. Speake ed. 1980, pp. 36-39, where the details (taken from the same source) are also presented in tabular form (NB with errors in the spelling of names and other details)]

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