Sources for Betley history



Early Deeds

Published books, series and articles

Unpublished private papers

Wilton Papers


This bibliography should be considered as just an attempt at a preliminary survey of some available (and not so easily available) publications and unpublished documents having a bearing on the history of Betley. Serious bibliographical research on the topic would reveal very many more sources, in particular records in the National Archives at Kew where such a search could proceed ad infinitum. The vast resources of the Staffordshire Record Office and the William Salt Library at Stafford are merely hinted at here; only a few selected entries under Betley in the SRO catalogue are included. I hope that the present somewhat random selection may stir someone's interest to follow up and add to what has already been done by Robert Speake, Godfrey Brown, the Betley Local History Society and others to enhance knowledge of the history of the village.